• Kirby’s »

    1 June, 2018 // Comments

    Great food, awesome specials, cozy atmosphere, and attentive staff; if this is what you are looking for in a dining experience then

  • Cocaire at The Wayside »

    3 May, 2018 // Comments

    Cocaire at the Wayside is the perfect mix of blending old with new. They have taken an Elbridge landmark and reinvented it

  • Muddy Waters »

    3 April, 2018 // Comments

    Fantastic food, spectacular live music, and dining with a view- these are just some of the ways you can describe Muddy Waters! 

  • Euclid Family Restaurant »

    4 March, 2018 // Comments

    Warm and inviting with great food and friendly staff. These are just some of the ways you can describe the Euclid Restaurant.

  • Rampage »

    3 May, 2018 // Comments

    Although there have been countless cinematic adaptations of popular video games, the majority of these efforts have been complete disasters.

  • Summer 2018 Movie Preview »

    3 April, 2018 // Comments

    Nor’easters may be blasting their way across the Eastern coast, but, believe it or not, the summer movie season is right around

  • Black Panther »

    3 March, 2018 // Comments

    As I write this review, 7 days after the release of BLACK PANTHER, the film has already become a cultural phenomenon.

  • The Shape of Water »

    3 February, 2018 // Comments

    As the end credits began to roll at the end of Guillermo del Toro’s latest film THE SHAPE OF WATER, I was

  • Pucker Up! »

    2 June, 2018 // Comments

    Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s not many people who are in-between when it comes to sour beers. Sours are definitely in

  • Day Trip: Brewery Tours »

    3 May, 2018 // Comments

    Spring is here and it’s time to shake off those many months of hibernation and venture out into the world once again.

  • Faceoff: Stouts vs. Porters »

    3 April, 2018 // Comments

    Stouts and Porters. They look the same, have many similar characteristics, including aromas, flavors, and notes. In many circles, the two are

  • ¡La Cerveza en Gran Canaria! »

    4 March, 2018 // Comments

    What better time to travel than wintertime in CNY! (Just ask all our snowbird friends who spend half their year in Florida!)

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