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It wasn’t so long ago when there was a belief that Christopher Nolan’s latest venture, TENET, was going to signify cinema’s triumphant return.

The Croods: A New Age

Upon its release in 2013, THE CROODS was an undisputed financial success, grossing over $580 million at the box office.

On The Rocks

When Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola were first paired together in 2003 for the dramedy LOST IN THE TRANSLATION the results were


The decision to craft a thriller featuring a minimalist cast is always a gamble.

The Witches

The stories of Roald Dahl have delighted and terrified readers for generations. The prolific author penned a slew of indelible classics such

The Trial of the Chicago 7

By the time you read this review, one of the most tumultuous elections in history will have already unfolded, for better or

Enola Holmes

Netflix has had a number of colossal successes when it comes to original content, but at this point, there is little room

Class Action Park

When AN AMERICAN PICKLE was released on HBO Max on August 6, it was the first major motion picture to debut on

Project Power

On paper, the latest Netflix thriller PROJECT POWER couldn’t possibly fail. Not only does it feature a plot that cleverly tweaks the superhero

An American Pickle

With theaters still shuddered, major productions continue to be released directly via streaming services. July saw the Tom Hank’s high-seas thriller GREYHOUND premiere