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Keeping Up with Liz Fiddle

When we see her perform, most of us view Liz Fiddle as a force. The kind of force that makes all the

A View from the Piano Bench: Rhys Brigida

If you happen to be one of his Facebook friends you probably look forward to the weird cheez-whiz-like-sci-fi super-goofy movie clips that

The Bold Entrance of Aaron Ruiz

There I was on a no-particular Tuesday, taking in the music at the Liverpool Limp Lizard Open Jam. The house band —to

Richie Melito Top Gun

I was on standby to play a song with Irv at an open-jam. I had just written an article on him for

Jamie Notarthomas, Nonetheless

I’m at a rehearsal on the eve of a concert paying tribute to the music of George Harrison.

Lunch with Julie Briggs

June is here. Summer is on and its a beautiful day in Syracuse. By now, the city is bustling with music –

James Horan Practical Passion in Action

One thing that makes me crazy is bitching. Seems these days, in our incredibly rapidly growing hyper-sensitive world that everybody is pointing

Sera Bullis
The New Kid in Town Makes Quite an Entrance

Ok, so maybe Sera Bullis isn’t exactly new to Syracuse itself, but, she is fairly new to the Syracuse music scene. At

Don’t Drop Anything …
or else Terry Johnson will make a guitar out of it.


Finders keepers applied to musical instrument technology has arrived. Somewhere out there, there is always somebody busy, tinkering with the

Chatting with Dave Porter

“Funny where you find yourself in life,” I always say. Never count out any possibility.

I saw the 805 MTV video