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Let’s Get Outside For A Warm Weather Workout

It’s fair to say that most of us don’t want to be stuck inside a gym on a beautiful sunny day. Yes, even

Chickpea Curry

On the Coffee Table

Ever since my dad read his way through the entire World Book Encyclopedia, I have been intrigued by books that fill your mind

Spirit Technology

I’ve spent a bit of time reading about pandemics and plagues, either as research or because it seems like the main topic of


A Little Long but as Vital as you will ever Read

Cayuga Lake Wine Trail Shows Appreciation

This spring, the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail launches their “Customer Appreciation Week” promotion. The first week of each month, May through November,

Confederate Monuments The Celebration of Evil

After losing the Civil War, even Robert E. Lee understood that emotions would remain divided. He was a traitor, yet he understood

How the Romans Made Wine

The Romans understood terroir and were very careful about where they planted vines. Before the Romans, the Etruscans lived in what is

The Last Ride

I remember the moment when I found out that pro wrestling wasn’t real. It was the late 80’s, and only a few

Sangria Ham