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The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Bier

If you’re an avid reader of Table Hopping, by now you’ve come to realize that I love to travel just as much as

All I Want for Christmas is BREW!

…Mariah Carey’s hit holiday song aside, truly I think we can all agree that we’ll be drinking straight through the holiday season

Your Vote is Your Voice: Drink Up!

Well, folks, it’s officially November and this tumultuous year is beginning to come to a close, but not before the big (YUGE?)

It’s Fall, Y’all!

It’s officially autumn in central New York, and with it comes beautiful landscapes of gold, red, and orange, apple picking, cozy sweaters,

Kölsch: The Light & Refreshing Beer of Choice

Summer is coming to a close this month and while we all might be leaning into cooler weather and darker, spicier brews, I

Prohibition & Covid: Adapting in the Craft Beer Industry

With Covid and the ever-changing regulations surrounding our craft breweries and beer bars, it has many of us wondering if our favorite

Summer Brews – Part Two

Last month we talked about traditional warm weather brews – Shandys, Lagers, Sours, etc. This month is a continuation of that theme,


Well folks, we’re in the thick of it, stuck at home or deemed an essential worker on the front-lines. Caring directly for

Beer as Medicine

the most appropriate time to discuss the health-properties that beer provides, especially with the virus actually having the name of a beer

The App Is Your Map!

Throughout many of my articles, I mention a phone app called Untappd and it has come to my attention, that readers of