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Creative Cocktails

Let’s talk cocktails. Beer cocktails. The two may not seem to go together but truly this is not the case!

April 7th: National Beer Day

The title of the article speaks for itself – It’s time to celebrate BEER!

Telly’s Inn

The sun has been shining and the grass has turned from snow covered to green so I think it is safe to say

In like a Lion, Out like a Goat?

March can certainly be a tricky month; Spring is so close but at times feels so far away in CNY this time of

Unity in a Pint Glass

Another inauguration day has come and gone with big hopes that the next 4-years will be better than the last four. Unity

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Bier

If you’re an avid reader of Table Hopping, by now you’ve come to realize that I love to travel just as much as

All I Want for Christmas is BREW!

…Mariah Carey’s hit holiday song aside, truly I think we can all agree that we’ll be drinking straight through the holiday season

Your Vote is Your Voice: Drink Up!

Well, folks, it’s officially November and this tumultuous year is beginning to come to a close, but not before the big (YUGE?)

It’s Fall, Y’all!

It’s officially autumn in central New York, and with it comes beautiful landscapes of gold, red, and orange, apple picking, cozy sweaters,

Kölsch: The Light & Refreshing Beer of Choice

Summer is coming to a close this month and while we all might be leaning into cooler weather and darker, spicier brews, I