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What is “hinterland?” Depending on which specific definition, it can be the land adjacent to the coastline of the ocean or a

Technology & A New Normal

The term used is “new normal.”

Over the course of recorded history, it’s happened a number of times, both long-term and

Fright Nights

People in our part of the world will often agree: we like our change of seasons. With the changing temperatures come longer

Victorian Songlight: The Birthings of Magic & Mystery

Want to go on a trip?

This one will take you places you don’t expect to go, some of them imaginary (maybe) some

Other Googles

What search engine do you use?

Seriously – which one? Google is so common it’s like “zipper,” or “band-aid,” it’s become a verb

Smith & Bell Trading Co.

Are you the kind of person who will visit a new place and wander around, looking to see what books are on the

Doctor Sleep

The first Stephen King novel I read was The Stand. Not having read his entire oeuvre, I can’t be sure when I

OK Adaptive Technology

How many adaptations have you made in your life due to the COVID virus lockdowns and limitations? Over the last few months,

Pastas on the Green

The good news: Pasta’s on the Green’s outdoor patio is open! Monday through Friday they open at 4pm, and Friday, Saturday and

The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail

This is another of those books I hesitate to review because, while when it was published was well-received, it has since become