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How to Survive on Books

Somewhere in my early reading I came across a copy of Euell Gibbons Stalking the Wild Asparagus.

Fright Nights

It was a pleasant, sunny afternoon. Actors and costume people were busy, the doors were open, the lights were on.

The Pilot Fish by Vince DeOrchis

What I did not know about pilot fish: they are a carnivorous species of fish that, because of their tendency to follow ships

A Blonde and Blockchain

Sooner or later, I had to dive in and try to understand what a blockchain is, what it’s good for, and what ways,

Festa Italiana

When I heard from organizer Ginnie Lostumbo that Festa Italiana would be returning this year for a weekend of food, games, music, friends,

Technology Through Time

I had some fun today. I wanted to research the latest technology, and then I wondered: what is considered the earliest technology, or the history

Book Banning A Short History

A few years ago, in this column, I wrote a column comparing some children’s book series over time. One of them, of course,

Rudy’s Lakeside

I checked out Rudy’s Facebook page, curious to know what might be new. Why was I surprised to see tens of thousands of

Debunking Howard Zinn by Mary Grabar

There is a line in the film Sophie’s Choice, and no doubt some similar reference in the book as well, that stayed with me


Do you remember the days before the Internet got so angry? Me, too.