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Onondaga Athletic Club

The Onondaga Athletic Club is a longstanding community-based group which promotes sports and community activities within the Onondaga Nation.  Native heritage is based on community, and the facilities at the arena are state of the art. 

There’s something for everyone, and this best shown by the current enrollment of approx. 365 men, women and children who are currently participating in Lacrosse, Hockey, Softball, Basketball, Rowing and Cross-Country running.  The teams participate in a variety of tournaments both locally as well as in Canada and all over the United States. These teams have won numerous Canadian National Championships in Box Lacrosse in the senior and minor divisions and are well represented in all of our sports both regionally and on a national level. OAC sponsored programs have produced several outstanding NCAA Division I, 2, 3, National Champions in lacrosse as well as being a multi-sport feeder system for regional colleges statewide.

Games such as lacrosse are considered sacred and offer wellness to body, mind and spirit.  It also shows the power of working together – this is how championships are won.  The arena and programs are insured and designated as safe Drug Free and Zero Tolerance Zones for the community and all of those represented. Instruction in these athletic events are not restricted to the people of the Onondaga Nation.  These classes/programs don’t just teach a sport, they also teach life lessons that participants can use in everyday life.  These sports programs are well established and are managed by the OAC and sanctioned by the Onondaga Nation Council of Chiefs and Clan Mothers for the betterment of the community.  The keep purpose of the administration of the Arena is to promote wellness in our community and moreover to all those who interact within our circle of friends outside of the Nation.  Administrator, Sherwin Hill, would like to invite everyone to visit the facility and enjoy the athletic events at a participant or spectator.  No matter what your preference, all are welcome to the OAC.

“Lacrosse isn’t about speed or power. It’s about athleticism and intellect-that’s how you develop your stick skills.”

The Onondaga Athletic Club prides itself on the volunteer work of its membership and seeks to extend the ethical promotion of its endeavors. As a support group for youth , we are constantly reminded of the traditional mandates of bringing  the best that we can to our children as they represent the future of our generations. The ideals set forth in our traditional cosmology suggests positive social interaction on all levels, paying close attention to the children and elders which motivates us to establish programs that bring these elements of our society together.  The sense of community goes well beyond the borders of the Nation, and these values are needed to make change for the future of all regardless of age.


The Onondaga Nation represents one of the original traditional native participatory democratic Governments still in existence and is considered the capitol of the original Haudenosaunee Confederacy known in contemporary terms as the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy.  The ancient history of the native nations begins from time immemorial and extends to the present day, offering a documented historical timeline of a people who have been continually involved in the evolution and identity of Central New York as well as playing a prominent role in early American political history. The Onondaga Athletic Club is an extension of the Onondaga Nation and provides sports programs as well as community service to elders and to the general population in times of need.  The people of the Onondaga Nation are always willing to teach their history as shown by the ethics taught in team sports or by their rich oral tradition.

The arena ready for skaters..however, in less than a month, the ice will be taken out to put in turf for the Lacrosse season.

OAC membership is not exclusive to Nation residents and they serve the surrounding communities with the same opportunities given our own and evidenced by lending their new athletic facilities and fields to area schools and non-native sports programs.  “It is my sincere hope that we can continue to and forward the positive interaction of the Onondaga Athletic Club and our surrounding communities by welcoming you to all of our sporting events with a common quest in the healthy promotions of mind body and spirit.  Peace to you, and all of Creation.”  Kent Lyons- OAC President 2018

Janet LaFrance