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Tips on Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

Finding the perfect dress for any special occasion can be a challenge.

What to Wear this Valentine’s Day

It’s just that time of year again where you’re either dreading Valentine’s Day or looking forward to this holiday dedicated to love.

Blazers, A Go To Fashion Choice For Winter Wear

The universe of blazers for women is genuinely transcendent in our world as of now, as a regularly expanding number of fashioners

Champagne Diamonds Make Fashion Transitions Pop This Fall

(NewsUSA) – Are you still trying to find the perfect accessory to your summer-to-fall-transition fashion staples? The answer may be as simple

Significance of Fashion & Beauty Apps

The fashion & beauty apps help people’s to keep updated with the latest fashions or lifestyles. They provide many features like beauty

Fallen Leaves, Fresh Slate

Spring-cleaning may have come and gone, but with the on-coming cold, a thorough closet overhaul is overdue.

Purchases That Pay It Forward

Some see fashion as ‘frivolous,’ a waste of time, focus, and resources. However style serves as a thought-provoking art form, reflective of self

Staying Cool, Comfortable, & Confident

During the summer months, shedding clothes in favor of showing skin is widely encouraged.

Ugly Truths, Simple Solutions

Beauty comes at a high cost. Unbeknownst to many, clothing and makeup industries have an ugly side, often putting the well being of

Style For the Summer & Your Soul

As spring fades and temperatures rise, bikini pictures and dieting trends fill social media feeds. Though eating clean is commendable, often these