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Purchases That Pay It Forward

Some see fashion as ‘frivolous,’ a waste of time, focus, and resources. However style serves as a thought-provoking art form, reflective of self

Staying Cool, Comfortable, & Confident

During the summer months, shedding clothes in favor of showing skin is widely encouraged.

Ugly Truths, Simple Solutions

Beauty comes at a high cost. Unbeknownst to many, clothing and makeup industries have an ugly side, often putting the well being of

Style For the Summer & Your Soul

As spring fades and temperatures rise, bikini pictures and dieting trends fill social media feeds. Though eating clean is commendable, often these

Spring Statements

In the north, spring does not always guarantee sun. While the rest of the country breaks out short-sleeves and ruffled skirts, we

What Is This Weather?

Thanks to climate change and the changing seasons, you may not be sure what to do about your ensemble this month. I

Feel Comfortable While Still Looking Great

February in Central New York is brutal; we all know that. The days are filled with snow, slush, wind, and rain. Most

Wedding Beauty You Won’t Regret in Twenty Years

We’ve all been flipping through our family’s wedding albums and come across those ‘80s hairstyles with tons of blue eyeshadow and electric

Holiday Colors That Aren’t Red and Green

For whatever reason, as the holidays roll around we all love to bring out the sparkles and red lipstick. We feel the need

Your Fall Essentials

Now that we’re past Halloween it feels like everyone has already jumped straight into the holiday season. Ornaments and candy canes are in