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When Good Beer Goes Bad

I love that fresh glass of beer on most days. However, there are some instances when the beer I consume doesn’t taste fresh.

Desination Vermont: A Craft Beer Lover’s Paradise

The eighth month of the year, August marks the end of summer as we know it in Central New York.  Back-to-school sales

Save Water, Drink Beer!

We drink it every day and cook with it.  Beer?  Well, for some of us, yes. We also bathe with it and

It’s Alive!

As a child, dough fascinated me.  From colorful Play-Doh to sticking my hands in bread dough, this malleable object provided plenty of entertainment. 

The Magic is in the Malt

As a child, I couldn’t get enough of those Whoppers chocolate milk balls or malted milkshakes.  Perhaps the natural progression to loving beer

Ride the Hop Roller Coaster

Cascade, Simcoe, Saaz, Magnum – these names sound like they could be on the latest SUV or hybrid vehicle rolling out of the

Waiter, There’s a Cheese With My Beer

When we think of beer and food, what usually comes to mind (and is shown on TV) are pizza and burgers. Who doesn’t

Will Work for Beer

As a beer writer I’m always asked how my career began followed by an “I wish I had your job!” When I start

What’s Old is New Again

Bell-bottoms, skinny jeans, pixie cuts, and vinyl records are just a few trends that have come and gone throughout the years. The list

Spread the Holiday Cheer

As this year begins its final month, the holiday festivities have already been in full swing (along with full bellies from Thanksgiving). December