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A Blonde and Her Wi-Fi Extender

I wanted an extender for my network. Especially during summer, the space covered by your home WiFi system expands to outdoor decks

The James Webb Space Telescope

By now we’ve all seen the stunning images released July 14 of some of the first photographs taken by the James Webb Space Telescope,


This column isn’t an argument for or against any life choice – rather, an exploration of a concept that has been the stuff

Game Changers

I, like many of us, complain a lot about technology. It doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, it’s hard to learn, it takes

Your Brain on Computers

I was curious about how technology, particularly our screens, are changing our brains.

Turn Up the Volume

The Volume. I’ll do my best with this subject – but it’s quite new, I’ve never worked with it, and having done a little


Joe Rogan’s Experience, Metaverse, NFTs

A lot is happening in the online and digital technology world, some on the tech side, some on

Your Brain on Wireless

Some time ago, this column covered “what is 5G?” Essentially, it’s the 5th generation mobile network, designed to connect “everything,” including your phone

Fun with Science and Technology

You may remember as a child creating a “volcano.” In a way, it was as much a cooking experiment as a science experience,

Robots: Friend or Foe?

I got into an interesting exchange with a young man, completely online, in which he posed the question: How would I feel about