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The New Computer Adventure

Sooner or later you will need a new computer. Whether some component begins to fail, or you simply need“bigger, better, faster,” or you just

Droning On

About a year ago, this column featured a story about the NYS Fair Drone Film Festival, a relatively new undertaking that aims

Before You Cut The Cord

Admit it: you’ve considered “cutting the cord.”

How We Shop

Do you shop online? Silly question, right?

Who’s Guarding the Sheep?

While we’re in the zone of Internet Conspiracies of the last few articles, why not continue to enjoy what’s becoming an increasingly


What’s the IDW and why do you care?

Well, depending on where you sit on the political/ideological spectrum, “IDW” could stand

The Next Big Thing

Technology is a funny thing. Even those most tuned into it don’t have much of an idea of what will come next

A Borg By Any Other Name

This is a strange time to be a human being.

Do you remember the Borg? You will if you were a


This is one tech column I’d really rather not be writing!

AI – Yi Yi!

Admit it – you’ve heard that Asia is now manufacturing “dolls” that will obey your commands.