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The More Things Change

Believe me, I understand that software has to keep evolving. 

Travel Alert

I know, I know – I can be a nag and a worrier when it comes to applications and programs.

Drones and Film

I was very fortunate, last summer, to be part of a “first ever.”

A Cloudy Day

A recent challenge: explaining “the cloud” to a person who had no interest in such things.


Well, of COURSE the topic du jour is Facebook.

The Adventures of Roberts & Watson

I admit it – I harbor some belief in conspiracy theories. Mainly because some of them actually have merit. From the notebooks

Net Neutral

Net neutrality – that’s the topic du jour in matters technical.

It’s a confused, and confusing, subject.

There’s An App for That

Way back when, I was part of a call-in show on Time Warner called Point ‘n’ Click. The show was fun, informative, and

I Read a Book Today, Oh Boy!

When is the last time you read a book?

Really sat down with a real book in your hands and read


Remember Bitcoin?

It’s not gone, exactly, but it didn’t replace currency or regular, on-the-grid exchanges of “money” as predicted. (Though reports of its