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What’s in a “G”?

Let’s take a little walk in radio history, shall we?

Technology & A New Normal

The term used is “new normal.”

Over the course of recorded history, it’s happened a number of times, both long-term and

Other Googles

What search engine do you use?

Seriously – which one? Google is so common it’s like “zipper,” or “band-aid,” it’s become a verb

OK Adaptive Technology

How many adaptations have you made in your life due to the COVID virus lockdowns and limitations? Over the last few months,

Choose a Pill

It was many years ago now, on the then Time Warner Point ‘n’ Click show that I found what I considered a

Meet You Online?

The “lock-down” state of the country – the world – has put a tremendous burden on computer technology, and, as is usually

Thoroughly Un-Modern Me

What do we not do, or do differently, than we did 20, even 10 years ago?

The thought has crossed my

A Blonde and Chrome Passwords

It was just another day in Blondeville – a computer for this, another one for that, one for fun. You know, the

Honestly, The Internet

What do you get, asked Pavlov, when you ring a bell and then feed a dog? A dog that salivates whenever it

Some of the Best Things

If you had suggested to me, even ten years ago, that I might become an avid reader of Popular Mechanics, I’d have