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What’s the IDW and why do you care?

Well, depending on where you sit on the political/ideological spectrum, “IDW” could stand

The Next Big Thing

Technology is a funny thing. Even those most tuned into it don’t have much of an idea of what will come next

A Borg By Any Other Name

This is a strange time to be a human being.

Do you remember the Borg? You will if you were a


This is one tech column I’d really rather not be writing!

AI – Yi Yi!

Admit it – you’ve heard that Asia is now manufacturing “dolls” that will obey your commands.

The More Things Change

Believe me, I understand that software has to keep evolving. 

Travel Alert

I know, I know – I can be a nag and a worrier when it comes to applications and programs.

Drones and Film

I was very fortunate, last summer, to be part of a “first ever.”

A Cloudy Day

A recent challenge: explaining “the cloud” to a person who had no interest in such things.


Well, of COURSE the topic du jour is Facebook.