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Choose a Pill

It was many years ago now, on the then Time Warner Point ‘n’ Click show that I found what I considered a

Apps, Glorious Apps

Perhaps I’m coming late to this game, but in the many years I’ve had a surfeit of apps on my phone (I

Meet You Online?

The “lock-down” state of the country – the world – has put a tremendous burden on computer technology, and, as is usually

Computer Virus

Technology has always driven markets.

Think of the ticker-tapes of the booming markets of the 20s, that became the suicide weapon

Thoroughly Un-Modern Me

What do we not do, or do differently, than we did 20, even 10 years ago?

The thought has crossed my

A Blonde and Chrome Passwords

It was just another day in Blondeville – a computer for this, another one for that, one for fun. You know, the

Honestly, The Internet

What do you get, asked Pavlov, when you ring a bell and then feed a dog? A dog that salivates whenever it

Some of the Best Things

If you had suggested to me, even ten years ago, that I might become an avid reader of Popular Mechanics, I’d have

Human to Robot, Robot to Human

Perhaps you’ve seen it —the viral video of Boston Dynamics robots doing amazingly humanoid gymnastics tricks, riding skateboards, performing chores, and looking

Innovation is Fun!

Technology is a frightening, fascinating, fabulous thing. It has created some of the most amazing, horrible, convenient and silly things imaginable.