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The Adventures of Roberts & Watson

I admit it – I harbor some belief in conspiracy theories. Mainly because some of them actually have merit. From the notebooks

Net Neutral

Net neutrality – that’s the topic du jour in matters technical.

It’s a confused, and confusing, subject.

There’s An App for That

Way back when, I was part of a call-in show on Time Warner called Point ‘n’ Click. The show was fun, informative, and

I Read a Book Today, Oh Boy!

When is the last time you read a book?

Really sat down with a real book in your hands and read


Remember Bitcoin?

It’s not gone, exactly, but it didn’t replace currency or regular, on-the-grid exchanges of “money” as predicted. (Though reports of its

Dig That Information

Yesterday my iPhone went all “fuzzy,” a highly technical term we used to use to describe what happened when your television set’s

The Meme: 40 Years Later

Time to revisit the concept of the “meme.”

This term is attributed to Richard Dawkins, who used it in his book, The Selfish Gene,

Liability in the Age of Twitter

Many years ago now and thanks to the MP3 compression algorithm first widely used in the early 90s, it became feasible to


Summertime – and the devices go outdoors.

And then you get dropped from your WiFi router.

Auto Draw from Google

You say you can’t draw? But you’d love to create little works of art for your blog or on an email –