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This month: a quick New Year’s collection of stuff, in no particular order and mostly of no particular significance, but all to

When News is Fake

Fake news?

Yep, “fake” news is the Topic Du Jour on the Internet (excepting, of course, the election results).

DoS – SOS!

Something’s wrong, and it isn’t just politics! In this case, it’s the Internet.

Massive DoS attacks have taken place in the last few days

A Blonde and Her Browser

The computer and I go back a long way, as you know.

The Blonde’s Further Adventures

Several years ago in this column I followed the adventures of the blonde semi-tech and her exploits with various technical challenges on her

Paper Vs. Pixels

When is the last time you read a book?

Seriously, now. I don’t even mean a book on a Kindle –

Amazon’s Firestick!

Access to TV just keeps getting easier and easier. Admen just keep getting more and more desperate. The latest toy I tried

Hiding From The Right?

You’ve probably heard about the “Facebook algorithm change,” and the big meeting with reps of the Conservative social/political position because of the perception

Really? Is it Real, or is it After Effects?

By now most of us has seen how Gollum in Lord of the Rings was created, using registration points and a green screen.

Fill ‘Er Up

Technology security is making big news these days. It’s no surprise to anyone who uses it – which means, just about all of us