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Hiding From The Right?

You’ve probably heard about the “Facebook algorithm change,” and the big meeting with reps of the Conservative social/political position because of the perception

Really? Is it Real, or is it After Effects?

By now most of us has seen how Gollum in Lord of the Rings was created, using registration points and a green screen.

Fill ‘Er Up

Technology security is making big news these days. It’s no surprise to anyone who uses it – which means, just about all of us

Fill ‘Er Up

About a year ago, “…Apple was sued in federal court by a class of plaintiffs alleging that the company engaged in unfair, deceptive,

Pay As You Go

Remember the good-bad old day of dial-up Internet service? Your modem – connected to the phone line – dialed a particular number when

All I Want for Christmas is a Gadget

I know, I know… everyone has a list of recommended tech gifts for that techie person on their gift list for the holidays. Instead

The Cloud, The Drive and Other Things

Once upon a time there was a hard drive. It contained everything you had on your computer: your work, your music, your

Facebook, Facebook. What to do about Facebook?

Personally, I’ve learned to “use with caution.” Certainly young people have left it behind, in droves. This started a long time ago, as

Do You Call Them Grey Hats?

The Ashley Madison hack has no doubt sent many people running for cover – and left many questions in its trail. For those who

Reading, Writing & Electronics

I wasn’t sure whether to post this one under books/reading, or tech/computers. It’s a bit of both, and more than either. A few years