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Do You Call Them Grey Hats?

The Ashley Madison hack has no doubt sent many people running for cover – and left many questions in its trail. For those who

Reading, Writing & Electronics

I wasn’t sure whether to post this one under books/reading, or tech/computers. It’s a bit of both, and more than either. A few years

Tech Vacay

This won’t be a “tech” article, specifically. But it will be about a world enabled by technology. Technology is an awesome thing, and

More Smart Phone “Phun”

Funny video was sent to me today – a child saying her name in slooow motion. It was very cute. Then – who’d

Dual Camera Mode

I saw a fun picture from a friend on Facebook recently: it was a lovely nature shot (for which she’s famous) with a


It’s an inelegant name for an elegant add-on to your browsing experience.

Firing My iPad

It’s not a big secret that, while they are much coveted, Apple mobile devices also carry two significant drawbacks: cost and battery life.

3-D Printing

I watched a candle being made at the old Will & Baumer candle company once, using the dipping method.