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Euclid Restaurant

As we all adjust to this new normal is nice to be reminded that some things never change.

A Mano Kitchen & Bar

This year has taught us to appreciate things in our life a little bit more.

Nick & Angelo’s Ristorante

One lesson this year has taught me is that life is too short to eat anything other than delicious food! A perfect


In these ever-changing times sometimes all you need is a great meal in a warm atmosphere to help you put things into

Phoenix Sports Restaurant

I have a hot tip on a bet that I just can’t keep to myself any longer! This bet is a sure thing.

Harpoon Eddie’s

Summer is here and the best way to make the most of it is to take a trip to the beach. What



You haven’t been to a restaurant in ages, so there is no better place to get out celebrate the new

Avicolli’s Restaurant

It seems like everything has changed these days and you may be searching for anything that reminds you of what life used

Western Ranch

We’ve all seen it driving down the highway on the west side of Syracuse shortly past the fairgrounds, those big red letters

Euclid Family Restaurant

At The Euclid Family Restaurant, you will find a lot of delicious recipes, not the least of which is their recipe for