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Staying Active During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) had affected us all. Whether we’ve gone to the grocery store to grab a few items and found the

Invest in Your Health Right Now

Have you made the best investment of your life yet? No matter your age or what shape you are in, investing in

Stay Committed to Achieve Your Goals

Do you complain about not achieving your goals? Do you grumble about all the obstacles and problems that make it so difficult?

A Great New Year Starts Now

If you’re reading this, it means you survived the holidays. After another holiday season of sedentary behavior, and the consumption of calorie-rich

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Ahh, the holiday season. A time for family, friends, gifts, and a whole lot of food. The key words here are a

November is for Saying “No”

November is a great time to introduce a little “no” into your life. Yes, it’s okay to say no! No self-hate. No

Achieving Your Health and Fitness Goals Starts Today

When is the best time to start working towards your fitness goals? Today is the best time! When it comes to our

Watch Your Step

How Many Steps Should You Take in a Day?

There is an undeniable sense of accomplishment when your FitBit hits 10,000

The Great Debate: Cardio or Strength Training?

It is indeed a great debate. Cardio or Strength Training? Do you believe that one is superior to the other?

Eat According to Your Activity Level

Most of us have heard the phrase “Eat According to Your Activity Level,” but what EXACTLY does that mean? This can be