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November is for Saying “No”

November is a great time to introduce a little “no” into your life. Yes, it’s okay to say no! No self-hate. No

Achieving Your Health and Fitness Goals Starts Today

When is the best time to start working towards your fitness goals? Today is the best time! When it comes to our

Watch Your Step

How Many Steps Should You Take in a Day?

There is an undeniable sense of accomplishment when your FitBit hits 10,000

The Great Debate: Cardio or Strength Training?

It is indeed a great debate. Cardio or Strength Training? Do you believe that one is superior to the other?

Eat According to Your Activity Level

Most of us have heard the phrase “Eat According to Your Activity Level,” but what EXACTLY does that mean? This can be

Be Successful at Eating Healthy

One of the biggest issues people have with food – is how they look at it. For years, my clients have told

Optimize Your Warm Weather Workout

It’s fair to say that not everyone wants to be stuck inside the gym on a beautiful summer day. Yes, even the

Getting Strong, Fit and In Shape for The Summer Starts Now

Now that we’ve set our clocks ahead the days are starting to get longer and the temperature is starting to rise. You

How to Fall in Love with Exercise

It’s a vicious cycle: First, in a whirlwind of both desperation and motivation, you decide this is it. 

Why You Need an Unwavering Commitment to Achieve Your Goals

Many people complain about the obstacles and problems that make achieving their health and fitness goals so difficult.