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Are You Fit Enough To Be Healthy?

Maintaining a good level of physical fitness is something that we should all aspire to do. Nonetheless, it can be difficult to

Healthier Happier You

10 easy tips for eating healthier in the New Year

Do You Have a Food Addiction?

I know someone that seeks comfort in food. Me, you and just about everyone else I know. Food is delicious, right?

Don’t Let the Holiday Season Weigh You Down

Another holiday season has arrived. For many of us this means more calories, less time to work out and an overwhelming amount

Do Your Genes Make You Fat?

Do genetics determine the size of your jeans? Research shows that differences in your genes can lead to weight issues, but that doesn’t mean

It’s Never Too Late To Start

A full day of work, school, errands and child care can wipe just about anyone out. By the end of the day, finding

The Mind-Muscle Connection

Body is mind and mind is body. To some they are considered one and the same. I amongst many other fitness professionals


At first glance, Jessica DeSiato seemed to be just like any other girl her age. She liked fast cars, shopping, hanging with friends

Compete With Yourself

All too often we get so busy with the hustle and bustle of “life” that we lose sight of our health and

Exercise Can Help Kids Do Better In School

Attention parents: If you’d like to see your kids do better in school, have them close their books, set down their pencils and