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As is the case with most years, the 2015 summer movie season was dominated by big-budget blockbusters. Films such as MAD MAX:FURY ROAD,

Syracuse Chiefs

For over 12 years now, readers of “Table Hopping” have turned to this column to see what films are worth going to the

Jurassic World

When Mad Max blazed his way across the desert this summer, it was the first time in 30 years that the post-apocalyptic hero

MAD MAX: Fury Road

When a movie flounders in developmental limbo for an extended period of time, the chance of the film being released drops dramatically, and


It seems bizarre to think about it now, but I remember sitting in a theater 9 years ago and watching THE FAST AND

Summer Movie Preview 2015

Though it seemed as if it may never again be a possibility, it is finally safe to say that winter is over. While


When the Academy Award nominations were announced in January, there were certainly plenty of the surprises on the list. While much was made

Academy Awards

2014 was another great year for movies. There is no better proof of this than the ballot for this year’s Academy Awards. While