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Changing the Landscape of Healthy Eating

  ng is what’s causing the inflammation and it turns out it is probably being caused by the foods we are eating.

It’s Not Just Lyme Disease You Have to Worry About

The Crimean Congo hemorrhagic fever was recently diagnosed in Spain.

Let the Chips Fall

I have been floating around an idea which I think has a lot of merit and the time has come electronically. Grandma should

Top 5 Risks for Seniors

I gave a lecture recently regarding the top 5 health issues for seniors and I thought I would translate that into an

Fighting Fibromyalgia

Last month I wrote about the manifest benefits of exercise. Right after I wrote the article there was yet another paper in the

The Benefit of Exercise

  I have written in the last year about interesting or exciting innovations like the Cognivue test which is the first and


We doctors love our metrics. I can measure your weight, height, cholesterol level, blood type, BMI, etc. I can easily check your

Is Alzheimer’s a Form of Diabetes?

Last month I got a little personal. This month I am taking you to the very cutting edge of  scientific thought. There

Three Words

Normally, since it’s February, I would write an article about romance and your sex life. Extolling women to understand the basic urges

Resolve to Stop Resolving

Rather than belabor the whole New Year’s Resolution thing I wanted to start out the new year with a top 5 stories