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Chronic Care Management (CCM) You Want It & You Want It Now!

I have written separately about the way that Medicare and other insurance companies are going to change the way they reimburse doctors. The

Chasing Longevity

Some pundits opine that with advances in medicine the average life span can be extended to 120 . After all ,wasn’t the average

Bring On the Death Panels

One of the things I hear patients talk about when they mention Obamacare is the “death panels”..as they sneer these words they look

Lets Roll…

I am wincing as I type this….no, not from my painful turn of prose..I took a beating in the dojo where I attempt


Well, It’s February and that means Valentine’s Day  is around the corner. Hopefully you are not expecting “that column” The one where I

GET OUT! Is it Christmas time already?

GET OUT! Is it Christmas time already? It’s a wonderful time of the year but it’s very stressful for a lot of people.


I have studied diabetes for years…all primary care doctors have…but only recently have I been exposed to a concept that can really


I am trying to practice what I preach…I have always believed that good living will trump most  medications. I am not saying you

Get yourself to the fair.

I had an article ready to go but I was then reminded that the New York State Fair opens up soon. As

Don’t you remember?

The experts claim that one in three Americans will suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Suffering is a relative word because honestly most of the