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I am trying to practice what I preach…I have always believed that good living will trump most  medications. I am not saying you

Get yourself to the fair.

I had an article ready to go but I was then reminded that the New York State Fair opens up soon. As

Don’t you remember?

The experts claim that one in three Americans will suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Suffering is a relative word because honestly most of the

Drop Dead!

I often use this line… “I like you…I hope you drop dead!!”  Immediately, most people are, of course, taken aback until they think

No Butts About It! 

I received  a lot of responses to my Bitch Bitch Bitch column from last month. One person asked me if  was ever going


Can I bitch and whine for a column? Join me in my world this month and you might have some insight into why

Improved Health Care Or Documentation Boondoggle ?

We use an electronic medical record in our office. It’s managed by a national company and it has helped in some ways with


I honestly don’t know much about basketball. My son considers me a failure, in part, because I don’t really pay attention to most

Why Prevention Matters

My last few columns have been rather personal…I thought you might enjoy the more scientific  side of Dr  Barry for a column or