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Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

74 CNY Musicians Unite to Play Tribute to the Most Important & Significant Album in Rock & Pop Music on its 50th Anniversary.

What a Feeling: Edgar Pagan Releases New Album

Many of you are familiar with Grupo Pagan and therefore Edgar Pagan. If you’ve spent any time near this guy you’ve become

A Little Chat with Dave “Big D” Schneider

1972, Dave Big D Schneider has been an ever-present staple in the Syracuse/Central New York music scene playing along side local favorites

The Boys & Girls Club of Syracuse
Strikes a Chord with It’s Kids

Happy Holidays, everyone. I hope your sense of love, peace and harmony grows along with the season; and that you have a great

The One-Four-Five’s of Ron Spencer

For over 25 years Ron Spencer has been a mainstay of the CNY blues scene. He has lent his fiery blend of blues,

The Persistence of Joanna Nix Jewett

She’s a busy girl. Over the years, Joanna has shared her vocal talents with more than a handful of central New York’s

Dave Hanlon’s Recipe For Success

I caught Dave Hanlon’s Cookbook at the Dinosaur, for the first time, a few months ago after attending the Cheap Trick concert on

B-Side: Flip it, Spin it!

B-Side. As the name suggests, this is a band that takes a familiar theme—in their case blues and rock—and then makes unobvious

Lou Gramm: The Voice of Foreigner

Live at Sharkey’s Bar & Grill July 16th

Syracuse music is in full stride with concerts happening constantly throughout the rest of

Anecdotes of Music with Colin Aberdeen

Some  musicians are over it. When you start out, it’s easy to get caught up in the “glamor” of it all, feeling like