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Mark Zane talks about his new release. An interview with Chuck Schiele.

Chuck Schiele: Tell us about your new release.

Dirty Doves Take Flight

The Dirty Doves is a new duo featuring Syracuse axemen, Jamie Cunningham and Anthony Saturno – who began their collaboration with the onset

Randy Tennant The Knack for Persistence

In the world as we know it, I see people rushing to the goal of validation all day long. Adults, by and large,

The Write Conviction of Bryan Dickenson

I’ve been listening to this gem of a tenor for several years now. We hang in some of the same places. We’ve borrowed

John Kelsey is in the Grooves of the Woodwork

One can often find John Kelsey playing guitar with Isreal Hagan and Stroke. Or, one can find him playing his own solo gigs.

You’ve Been Scouted, Syracuse!

Executive movie producer, Ted Farnsworth came home to central New York and brought the movie industry with him. It brings jobs and revenue

Ripe to Play the Yard Amphitheater


Ron Spencer: Syracuse Blues

For over 25 years Ron Spencer has been a mainstay of the CNY blues scene.

Seth Horan: The Uncommon Ways of a Bass Master

There are novices… There are recreationalists… There are students and teachers… There are experts…. enthusiasts… Fundamentalists

Cait Devin

Just Your Basic 19 Year Old Guitar-Wielding Prodigy with Her Own Successful Charity