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Diana Jacobs

As a winner at the 2018 and 2020 SAMMY (Syracuse Area Music) Awards, Diana Jacobs is a versatile vocalist, pianist, percussionist, songwriter,

Misse Thomas: Perpetuator of a Better Community

The first thing I noticed about Misse—before we even met, actually—is that she begins with her own example. Yes, this is something

The Steady Pulse In the Career of Jim Kelley

You know Jim Kelley from Syracuse’s very own Horn Dogs. But, there is much more to one of Syracuse’s top staple drummers.

Susan Royal A Way of Life in Drumming

You see her in the Barndogs Plus, the Fab Femmes, 5-time SAMMY winning C-Jack Run Revue, The Tones, Shakedown and the list

Viola! Getting Down with Ally Brown

Here’s a case where my good friend Allison introduced me to another Allison while at some bouorbon fest a few years ago.

The Funky Blu Roots of Mikal Serafim

I was hanging around with a few of the Hatfield and McCoys of Syracuse’s top guitar slingers one night at an open

Singing Jazz in Syracuse, A Quick Jam with Julie Howard

Jazz. It deserves a bigger presence in Central New York, for certain. But, it is here.

Mark Doylé

Celebrating 20 Years in the Shadows of Guitar Noir

Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

Writing … Living … Writing … Playing …Writing …

Greetings, music lovers. Before we get started this month, please note the

On the Kit and On the Go with Byron Cage

Somebody said, once that “if you want to really get to know a man, then work with him.” In my case this