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James Horan Practical Passion in Action

One thing that makes me crazy is bitching. Seems these days, in our incredibly rapidly growing hyper-sensitive world that everybody is pointing

Sera Bullis
The New Kid in Town Makes Quite an Entrance

Ok, so maybe Sera Bullis isn’t exactly new to Syracuse itself, but, she is fairly new to the Syracuse music scene. At

Don’t Drop Anything …
or else Terry Johnson will make a guitar out of it.


Finders keepers applied to musical instrument technology has arrived. Somewhere out there, there is always somebody busy, tinkering with the

Chatting with Dave Porter

“Funny where you find yourself in life,” I always say. Never count out any possibility.

I saw the 805 MTV video

Music and the New Year

As we square-off and face 2018, I am once again optimistic with the potential that awaits in the world of the Central

The Case with Paul Case

Paul Case grew up in the resort town of Sylvan Beach N.Y. which featured a midway with tons of bars. And, for

Sheela Tucker Singing the Soul of Syracuse

She walked in. Cute as a Disney bug. Bubbly in her enthusiasm. Seemingly bouncing. Hugged everybody, chit chatting …

Michael John Heagerty

Syracuse’s Music and Arts Enabler

When people think of music scenes, naturally they think of musicians, singers, bands bustling to share their

The Audacious Glory of Professional Victims

Syracuse’s very own Professional Victims have all the makings of a bona fide late-20th century punk rock band—in the 21st century.

A Backstage Chat with Christopher Ames

The CHRISTOPHER AMES BAND was born out of the frustrating lack of volume and numbers inherent in a singer/songwriter’s life.