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Chatting with Susie Weiss from The Folkus Project

Volunteering is love. Susie Weiss has been a volunteer with The Folkus Project for 12 years. She’s currently president of The Folkus

The One Man Show of Mark Macri

He plays keyboards, guitar and sings. Mark Macri stays busy for good reason. His setlist is varied from retro to current hits, groove

A Beacon of Music Support -Brian Rusaw

I was introduced to Brian Rusaw by a mutual friend, Ron Castaldo, while playing an Oswego gid at the Bistro 197 a few

Christopher Ames Brings Us Outside the Machine

Christopher Ames qualifies as one of the area’s true triple threat musicians, possessing tip-top chops as a singer, guitarist and writer. Throw in

Syracuse Jazz Fest Returns

The 36th edition of Syracuse Jazz Fest – Presented by Amazon will be returning to Downtown Syracuse this June 23-25 for the first

Robert Price: White House Staff Pianist

The music world is always an interesting place to meet people. I became aware of Robert Price when the cellist in my group

Kevin Roe – Eloquence in Guitar

No tricks. No master plans. No BS. Just one man. One guitar.

Meet Bassist “Reverend” Ken Kellerman

When Ken enters a room, everyone notices. The tall, bearded man with his long hair tied back saunters his way through those who

Dirty Doves Take Flight

The Dirty Doves is a new duo featuring Syracuse axemen, Jamie Cunningham and Anthony Saturno – who began their collaboration with the onset

Randy Tennant The Knack for Persistence

In the world as we know it, I see people rushing to the goal of validation all day long. Adults, by and large,