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Michael John Heagerty

Syracuse’s Music and Arts Enabler

When people think of music scenes, naturally they think of musicians, singers, bands bustling to share their

The Audacious Glory of Professional Victims

Syracuse’s very own Professional Victims have all the makings of a bona fide late-20th century punk rock band—in the 21st century.

A Backstage Chat with Christopher Ames

The CHRISTOPHER AMES BAND was born out of the frustrating lack of volume and numbers inherent in a singer/songwriter’s life.

Getting to Know Sean Fried

Having been in the CNY area for only about 2 years, Sean Fried is a fairly recent transplant from Chicago. And since

George Newton: Keeping it Real with Pedal Steel

I met George P. Newton in the very first three notes I heard him play. We hadn’t even shaken hands, yet. I hadn’t

Bob Halligan, Jr.

Music Quiz of the Month Q: What do M&Ms, Pope Francis, KISS, The Muppets,  Coca-Cola, Billy Joel, Miller Genuine Draft,  Kathy Mattea &

Christopher Dale

A Real-Deal Traveling Troubadour Tours Through CNY

Its easy to be swept away with all the fast lane nonsense in the world

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

74 CNY Musicians Unite to Play Tribute to the Most Important & Significant Album in Rock & Pop Music on its 50th Anniversary.

What a Feeling: Edgar Pagan Releases New Album

Many of you are familiar with Grupo Pagan and therefore Edgar Pagan. If you’ve spent any time near this guy you’ve become

A Little Chat with Dave “Big D” Schneider

1972, Dave Big D Schneider has been an ever-present staple in the Syracuse/Central New York music scene playing along side local favorites