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The Sound of Wonderland, According to Irv Lyons, Jr.

Seems to me the Syracuse music scene is ramping up. I see more music events nudging into the calendar, such as the Vinyl

The Lightkeepers Shine On: A Chat with Aaron Fried

Keep the light on. They just made a record. They’re nominated for a 2016 SAMMY. And their schedule is packing in. And it’s

Kristopher Heels: Playing Begins with Listening

Have you ever heard somebody go on and on like they know what they’re talking about? I hear it every day, it seems.

Dave Frisina: 
A chat with Syracuse’s Music Guru

When I moved here to Syracuse about 5 years ago I was a guy who had to start all over in a new

The Kingsnakes Slither Back Into the Limelight: A Candid Chat with Pete McMahon



I first became aware of the Kingsnakes during the year I lived in Fresno, California. A friend of mine was selling

Hard Promises Good Times – A Chat with Jeff Gordon

I’ve been to a number Hard Promises shows and they’re always packed with a dedicated audience. And for good reason. If you

Scott Sterling: Striving, Thriving, Surviving & Still Diving into Rock & Roll

Purity is a good word. Purity is when you focus on a specific subject and explore it until you realize the many facets

What It’s Like To Be a Billionaire

The Billionaires are one of the finest dance bands anywhere. And you can find them just about anywhere in the smack dab

It’s Go Time for Showtime

I was out at Sharkey’s a few weeks ago enjoying a warm Wednesday summer evening with some friends and some rock and roll.

World Class Jazz Comes to Syracuse

Aretha Franklin, Wynton Marsalis, Buckwheat Zydeco and Lake Street Drive to Headline Jazz Fest