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Cast Away

As I sat down to write this column, there were a number of television series’ that I thought about hitting on.


In September 2017, I wrote a review of the debut season of the Netflix series OZARK.

Nightmare Alley

Just a few years back, a film like NIGHTMARE ALLEY would have been a far more appealing box office draw. Featuring Bradley Cooper


After largely languishing in the shadow of the MCU, things have finally started to look up for the DC Universe.

Dexter: New Blood

During its initial run, DEXTER was revolutionary in its macabre embrace of the evil Dexter Morgan. Michael C. Hall, who at that point


The beauty of SUCCESSION lies not in its gorgeous settings and exteriors, or its glimmering glimpses of a societal life that most of

What We Do in the Shadows

TED LASSO had a huge night at the recent Emmy Awards, and rightfully so. The charming, lovable comedy is a darn-tootin’ good time

The White Lotus

Whether it’s an annual vacation spot or fanciful dream destination that you’ll never quite get to, Hawaii is a veritable paradise.

A Quiet Place II

When thinking back to the most surprising films in the last 10 years, I’m not sure that there are many that would top


In the Oscar winning SOUL, Pixar proved, yet again, why they are one of the premiere studios working in film today. The profoundly