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Bloodline Season 3

Upon its inception, Netflix was a novelty that provided an interesting alternative to a trip to the video store.

Twin Peaks

When TWIN PEAKS premiered on ABC in 1990, it proved to be a show that was unlike anything that had ever been seen

What We Do in the Shadows

My 16 year old self would consider this downright blasphemous, but there is no denying that streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon


Of all the films that were released in 2016, I don’t know if there was another that I felt boasted more promise

2017 Academy Awards

Hollywood’s biggest night, the Academy Awards, may already be in the books, but that doesn’t mean that the Best Picture nominees should

Last Chance U

With the current football season coming to a close, there will be plenty of folks sporting a giant pigskin-sized hole in their

Sour Grapes

When I sat down to watch the documentary SOUR GRAPES on Netflix, it was impossible to know how deep, bizarre, and utterly

Hell or High Water

There was a time, not all that long ago, where the Western was one of the most popular and reliable genres in all


Growing up as a child of the 80’s, there were a few movies that influenced and shaped my eternal love of film. There

The Beatles: Eight Days A Week The Touring Years

With the plethora of streaming services now available, the landscape of home entertainment has never been better. Services such as Netfix, Amazon