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Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall

When I was studying linguistics in college, one of the points that was made and that stuck with me was how isolation can

2 Books

Over the winter I read two books which, while they aren’t directly in opposition, certainly are diametrically opposed in terms of the way

Son of a Nun: An East Side to West Side Story-By Donald Moriarty O’Leary

About two years ago, I reviewed a book in these pages dedicated to a “Bicentennial Abroad.” It was written by native Syracusan Donald

Star-Spangled Scandel by Chris DeRose

Written by guest reviewer: John Sposato

Do you ever go to Ollie’s? We go there on occasion. It’s a store with many and

A Little Reading Lesson

I was playing the piano the other day, and reviewing mentally a conversation I’d had with another person who also plays the piano.

Chasing Ghosts

Chasing Ghosts A Tour of our Fascination with Spirits and The Supernatural by Marc Hartzman

If you follow this column, you’ll have picked

How to Survive on Books

Somewhere in my early reading I came across a copy of Euell Gibbons Stalking the Wild Asparagus.

The Pilot Fish by Vince DeOrchis

What I did not know about pilot fish: they are a carnivorous species of fish that, because of their tendency to follow ships

Book Banning A Short History

A few years ago, in this column, I wrote a column comparing some children’s book series over time. One of them, of course,

Debunking Howard Zinn by Mary Grabar

There is a line in the film Sophie’s Choice, and no doubt some similar reference in the book as well, that stayed with me