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What is “hinterland?” Depending on which specific definition, it can be the land adjacent to the coastline of the ocean or a

Victorian Songlight: The Birthings of Magic & Mystery

Want to go on a trip?

This one will take you places you don’t expect to go, some of them imaginary (maybe) some

Doctor Sleep

The first Stephen King novel I read was The Stand. Not having read his entire oeuvre, I can’t be sure when I

Celebrity Vineyards

With America’s enthusiasm for wine, it seems only natural that vineyards would be a popular investment, and who better than recognizable names

The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail

This is another of those books I hesitate to review because, while when it was published was well-received, it has since become

The Plague by Albert Camus

Do you react to coincidence, serendipity, an alignment of the stars? I’m half kidding, but the half serious part came across a

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Yes, I’m coming very late to the “Miss Peregrine” party. I discovered the book on an early-virus-stockup trip to BJ’s, and was

Bicentennial Abroad A Declaration of Independence

Would you like a hint of what it was like to come of age in the Age of Aquarius?

Edward Rutherfurd Extraordinary Author

According to Wikipedia, “Edward Rutherfurd is a pen name for Francis Edward Wintle (born 1948 in Salisbury, England). He is best known

An Encyclopedia of World War II Films

When renting movies from the video store became popular, I did what I always do: I got a book that helped me