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A mano Kitchen & Bar

In Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare opined “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would

Middle Eastern Festival to Unveil Brand New Historically-Rich Flavors

If your palate is particular and you delight in digesting stories about food origins, then come for an exciting expedition in awesome

What’s the Story Here?

Staunch gun control advocates say guns cause mass shootings.

Gun rights advocates say mental illness causes mass shootings.

The Oasis at Thunder Island: Entertainment Destination

Early this past summer I had a great time chatting with Ron Falise, who, with his wife Elizabeth, owns and operates the

The Great Undoing of the Intent For a Great Land

As Trump and his purchased D.C. horde give away our bounty in the dark of night the Supreme Court lurks with frugal

The Emoji Movie

Every year, there is at least one film that simply defies explanation. It can be very any number of reasons; maybe the

Dig That Information

Yesterday my iPhone went all “fuzzy,” a highly technical term we used to use to describe what happened when your television set’s

Fall Pork Chops With Apples

Let the Chips Fall

I have been floating around an idea which I think has a lot of merit and the time has come electronically. Grandma should


Of all the films that were released in 2016, I don’t know if there was another that I felt boasted more promise