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How to Save Mankind Get Money Out of Politics

Regular readers are aware that I write on this subject quite often. Matter of fact if you google “word on the street

The Hard Truth

To be clear, America is not a democracy. “GERYMANDERING” is the commandeering of democracy allowing leaders to choose voters rather than voters


There are three forms of very deadly blackmail underway in America. This will show the price we pay for a system that

George Santos vs. The Lies of the Rest

First, I will begin with my now 40-year cry in Table Hopping. “Remove money from politics and this all goes away.”

THE PLAN “So Far – Ignored”


Voting In America Deceit At Its Finest

(I would like to begin with a Public Service Announcement).  You may have noted I did not have a column last month.

Ted Limpert for Onondaga District Court Judge

The Best of the Best

It is all too rare that someone comes along that inspires me to do my very

Esteban Gonzalez for “Sheriff,” Onondaga County

Readers, I need you to do something for me. Democrats and Republicans, I would like for you to vote for Esteban Gonzalez

“The Plan” Part III

D-Day in the Village–De Oppresso Liber Around Her Neck She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Part II “THE PLAN” “Special Forces – Intelligence”

This Column and the next are the full essence of “THE PLAN.”