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Syracuse New York has the finest Police Department in the Country. They are extremely elite and each individual is a professional of the

“I Need Ammunition, Not A Ride”

PRELUDE: This is an extremely frightening article. Putin put Nukes on the table. If the world gets through this, we need to unleash

City Leaders Your Failing –I Implore You

If a clear workable plan was offered by a Citizen that would effectively remove most crime, including murder and the opium epidemic from

America’s Terrible Little Secret: That This is True – We Should Weep

This was in the news 20 years ago. It is still happening in the Marianas and all over the world and swept under

Disneyanity – of “Walt” and Religion by Douglas Brode

The shortest possible summary of this very intriguing book: The Bible of Walt Disney.

To: Mayor Walsh & All City Leaders

Dear Mayor Walsh, The District Attorney, Chief of Police and Onondaga County Sheriff and all City Councilors and Department Directors, Administrators and Leaders:

Doomsday or End Bribery “Your Choice”

I am going to deride with grave disgust, first the American System, then Trump and Biden. Until you are clear with our realities

100 Hundred Seconds Till Midnight

PREFACE: Remember when you vote: The Republican party is dead. Those posing as Republicans have become the main reason why what follows may

Mayor Walsh (It is Life or Death)

Losing the girl I describe was the last blow for me. I am ready. 100%. In the last two paragraphs you will see


“PREFACE”: This may be the most targeted and informative article you will ever see regarding America’s plight and the answer. If you agree,