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A Message for the Mayor

D-R-U-G—C-O-U-R-T and Local Magistrates & VITAL VOTING INFO

Police It is Leadership—Especially Mayors

Much consideration was given to my writing this article. I believe in American Cops. I believe in heroes. I believe in Policework being

Confederate Monuments The Celebration of Evil

After losing the Civil War, even Robert E. Lee understood that emotions would remain divided. He was a traitor, yet he understood


To understand the title of this article and the vigorous resentment portrayed, one must see that division is the fruit of unfairness,

America A Forlorn Democracy

There are certain rules that humanity must follow for justice to be. In the United States Congress and Supreme Court, the most

The Spirit of America Medical Personnel

“Let the Hero Born of Women, crush the Serpent with its heel.” I want to raise your Spirits by recognizing the finest

Land Where My Fathers Died

(Personally, I believe this is Pulitzer material. I say this because I want you to read it. It is not about me.

The Price of Not Voting

Prelude: I believe the majority of us see things better than most. But too many do not vote. This writing would not

Our Fatal Defect: GREED

Republican or Democrat, the reality is that Donald Trump is a tragic distraction in an era that demands a mature Leader. So

Taxi Drivers & Fairness

In the mid 1960’s I went to work for the Western Union Telegraph Company in Syracuse. City Taxi, located just around the