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Beware the Trojan Horse

There were no Democrats inside – The Westcott Incident.                          

When that Rare Individual Enters the Arena


Juanita Perez Williams for Mayor

Someone special has entered the arena. After the election, rather than a footnote in a campaign you will find that you are the

Revolution Is In The Air

As we get older we tend to realize that 100 years ago or 150 years ago was not way, way back like

Kim Jong-Un Nukes

As our cities burn we will woe our failure to address the Nuclear Issue with encompassing intelligence and empathy for our country and

Syracuse – Standing Tall


One very important responsibility I have to you in this column is to never falsely offend. The substance of his article

The Price of a Failed Press

Of all our Constitutional protections, it is Free Press that should be the most sacred. Free Press stands alone as the single

The Complete Patriotic Failure of the House & Senate

Thanks to decades of cruel and selfish behavior unbefitting any sense of ability to lead, by the House and the Senate, America

A Message for D-R-U-G C-O-U-R-T & Local Magistrates

I have come to know several of you over the years and I hope at these times that I have earned a

America’s CEOs

CEOs’ … There is a question that I want to ask on behalf of America. My intent is to highlight your place