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A Message for D-R-U-G C-O-U-R-T & Local Magistrates

I have come to know several of you over the years and I hope at these times that I have earned a

America’s CEOs

CEOs’ … There is a question that I want to ask on behalf of America. My intent is to highlight your place

The Saudi Terror Connection

Saudi Arabia is called an ally. It is just is not true. The ruling House of Saudi Arabia is a Sunni Muslim family,

TRUMP: A Pied Piper

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei are on the scene. The last thing the world needs is an

Hillary Clinton & Colleen Deacon Vs Donald Trump

Like Hillary Clinton many years ago, Colleen Deacon has embarked on a great journey. Destiny is bringing them together as Human Justice and

A Poem & A Journey

Folks, as you know, I only get one column a month.  It has been several years since I shared two of my

Heroin – Law – Compassion

Heroin is truly the playground of the Devil

You treat us like a Dad.  Lots of us ain’t got no Dad, you

A Must Read For Every American

This article may well be among the most important you will ever read.  If you are not aware of these things you will

Walt Disney H-1B Visas

You can wish upon a star.  It doesn’t matter who you are.  Unless you are an American that works for CEO Bob Iger’s

The United States of America Needs Heroes – Not Politicians

Attn: Hillary & Colleen Deacon Readers: This column was underway when I attended an event for Colleen Deacon. She is running for Congress.