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A Poem & A Journey

Folks, as you know, I only get one column a month.  It has been several years since I shared two of my

Heroin – Law – Compassion

Heroin is truly the playground of the Devil

You treat us like a Dad.  Lots of us ain’t got no Dad, you

A Must Read For Every American

This article may well be among the most important you will ever read.  If you are not aware of these things you will

Walt Disney H-1B Visas

You can wish upon a star.  It doesn’t matter who you are.  Unless you are an American that works for CEO Bob Iger’s

The United States of America Needs Heroes – Not Politicians

Attn: Hillary & Colleen Deacon Readers: This column was underway when I attended an event for Colleen Deacon. She is running for Congress.

“Hey Retard” How does that sound?

There are few professions that match the integrity and compassion of those who work in the mental health field. The patience and understanding


In 2014, 117 Police officers were killed in the line of duty. The average is 162. Each Year there are 58,930 assaults against

Billy or a Third Mayoral Term

The thought of a third term for this Mayor has the informed seeking ways to let others know what an injustice this would


Donald Trump is the final product of a purchased government.  I am saying that his very existence as a complete Kingly rich

Huckabee, Davis and Fanaticism

I have always done my best to pen words in keeping with “right” as best as the powers that be