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Billy or a Third Mayoral Term

The thought of a third term for this Mayor has the informed seeking ways to let others know what an injustice this would


Donald Trump is the final product of a purchased government.  I am saying that his very existence as a complete Kingly rich

Huckabee, Davis and Fanaticism

I have always done my best to pen words in keeping with “right” as best as the powers that be

Jean Kessner For 128th Assembly

PRIMARY ELECTION: Thursday, September 10, 2015

There are times that the dynamics of an election are such that your support in the Primary


PRIMARY ELECTION – Thursday, September 10, 2015; GENERAL ELECTION – Tuesday, November 3, 2015

For the following to take place please make sure you vote in

Bullies – A Growing Up Nightmare

The CDC reports 4400 kids kill themselves annually. For every success there are 100 attempts. Bully-related suicide can be connected to any type

The Good are to Blame

The Good are to Blame (Blacks and Campaign Finance)

Dear Senator Gillibrand and Congressman Katko and readers:

I have been writing different columns

A Noble Experiment, A Failing Result

Over half of America is in deep struggle. The land itself is crumbling. Those that are fine and enjoying happiness and bounty are

Agra-Business Giants – The Stunning Truth

Quid Pro Quo is a weapon. It has many forms, some of which make sound sense and serve justice and others that disgrace

The Human Value System, A Parable

It was 1892. Terror Surfaced Like Never Before. Its origins were gradual and its veneer was pleasing. No one seemed to care where