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Atrophy Escape Ward

Looking to escape the ongoing demise of 2020? A theatrical immersive “escape room” production opens in Rome, NY. Atrophy Escape Ward, a production created by Cayo Industrial Horror Realm, invites you to a dreamlike world escape room set inside a nostalgic insane asylum.

Escape rooms have become a popular year-round attraction for anyone who is into not just the macabre, but the puzzling, the mysterious, the challenging, the hint-of-danger. Movies and even TV shows have been based on the growing escape room activity. Atrophy Escape Ward takes the experience of a normal escape room in a different direction. It is set in a “roaring ’20s throughout the World War II-era” atmosphere. You will enter padded cells, interact with patients, and may even dabble in shock therapy with your friends and family. This attraction lasts 1 hour, offering puzzles and challenges of the more traditional escape room, but this one is even more immersive – has it started yet? Is that person an actor? Where do we go next, what do we do? You’ll have no idea what you’re getting into, but Joshua Reale, owner of the Atrophy Escape Ward attraction and Cayo Industrial Horror Realm, promises it will be a great night activity, definitely immersive, and unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

“Atrophy Escape Ward debuted in November 2018, which had received amazing reviews,” says Reale. “Many were expecting the typical escape room, but after completing Atrophy, they were mesmerized by the experience.” A man who drove 2 hours to attend Atrophy, gave positive feedback at the end of the attraction, stating his girlfriend and he goes to escape rooms all over the northeast, and Atrophy was just what they’d been looking for.

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