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Confederate Monuments The Celebration of Evil

After losing the Civil War, even Robert E. Lee understood that emotions would remain divided. He was a traitor, yet he understood the powerful emotion that America must unify within. In 1869 Robert E. Lee said “Make no monuments to the Confederacy as this will only maintain open wounds” And that is exactly what they do. But again, let’s be clear. Lee led an effort to own human beings. He killed endless numbers of Americans in this effort. He was a very evil traitor.

This article is not intended to belittle supporters. It is intended to educate. You were not taught these things. If you read this you will learn the truth about the statues and the Confederacy. You will learn the intent was vile and evil. Your thinking has been formed by lies. As you continue please keep foremost: There were no Americans on the side of the South. They left America, to kill Americans so they could own people. Alternate reasons presented for this war are subterfuge.

Let’s also proceed with abundant clarity: Slavery was and is the epitome of human abomination. Slavery, Genocide and Holocaust. They all come from the workings of the extreme dark side of humanity. The torment for me is the knowledge that there are enough people tainted with evil to perpetrate and allow these things to happen. If you unalteringly don’t see that most of Trump’s hard core 33% are made up of these people you live in a large stunning group of evil or are falsely informed. Please recall that in 1991 when David Duke ran for Governor of Louisiana against Edmund Brown, he garnered 671,009 votes, each voter knowing he was recently a Grand Wizard for the Ku Klux Klan. One state. This is despicable, yet common and widespread. These voters are now Trumpers.

The Confederate Army did not have one soldier of any rank deserving of honor of any kind. (The statues in question are not meant to be historical symbols of the hatred the South fought for. They are lies. They falsely portray evil in its finest form as heroic.) The Confederacy fought for the right to own, rape, (male, female or child), dismember, and beat, torture, hang and kill Black people, and this was all done repeatedly for centuries. They are no more heroes than Hitler, or Himmler, or Mengele, or Eichmann, or anyone who was part of or supported the Third Reich. Germany has no statues to these soldiers. German leadership makes an effort to deal honestly with the evil in their past. (We should note that the neo-Nazi’s scheming today in Germany carry the Confederate Flag – The swastika is banned – Evil for Evil – That does not speak well for Germany)

Since the Civil War, we have had far too many racist and/or KKK members in Government; Jesse Helms, Jim Wright, Trent Lott, Robert Byrd, Edmund Petus, David Duke (a Grand Wizard) and on and on. Some of the KKK’s great supporters were and are the United Daughters of the Confederacy. They also were highly successful and influential lobbyist’s due to the racism that permeates American government. A disgusting and abhorrent group, alive and well today. They formed in 1894 with the intent to glorify the Southern effort and to memorialize the Southern cause. By 1914 they had over 100,000 members. Today they have 19,000 members and get Tax breaks to support their racist mission. Their primary activity was to support the construction of Confederate memorials. They also built KKK memorials. They published books idealizing the KKK and they lobbied with great success to present false educational processes to mold and poison children. They are responsible for 100’s of statues, the most recent in 2011. They are glaring white supremacists.

Our founding was a roadmap for the “Pursuit” of a great land. We had a long way to go. Until Trump, much of the world saw the nobility of our pursuit and adopted it. Humanity is far better off today as a result of our Founders. It should always be clear Trump lacks much human quality and he is a divider and provides a feeling of honor and dignity amongst evil. The decent world is shocked. He is a tragic American Mistake. Evil advances exponentially and from the seed of Trump, Government is now permeated with uncaring selfish and racist sycophants. Our way of life is gradually being distorted by the narcissistic conduits and freakish dispassionate biological circuitry of Trump’s conspiracy oriented and damaged brain. In our society this is the pre-eminent danger that becomes our reality when good people do not vote.

Confederate monuments shame the American pursuit. Most of this few know. This is mind altering reality. It was common practice to whip, rape and kill. Children were commonly raped. Dismemberment and hanging were often punishment. Age made no difference. Pedophiles and rapists had their own harems. All of this is real. We all know an easy 10% plus of us are easily capable of these things. Imagine a time with no rules or laws to stop them. When humans were looked upon and treated like animals. Perceive, please, perceive. I don’t know how far to go here. I am trying to show you truths that will allow you to see why any esteem afforded the Confederate effort is heinous mis-representation of vicious anti-human thinking. Research and verify just a little. The rancid stench of this warped mindset is tragic and terrifying.

Now imagine a war that took 618,222 lives to end this horrible human scourge. It took that many lives to stop pure evil. The war halted slavery but it did not repair hate and evil hearts. We have failed miserably since that horrible war to restore simple decency and equality to all human beings. Imagine being born black after the Civil War and living with this history and the hate of defeated Confederates. Imagine a bunch of hating, brutally sick whites with white hoods coming to your home and looting, raping, burning and hanging. Just look at Charlottesville, August 11 and 12, 2017. A white supremacist and neo-Nazi Rally. A perfect example of hate looking for a place to be allowed. And the American Leader calling them good people. Their hate is everywhere “today”. Google KKK spin off organizations. Council for Concerned Citizens is a KKK spin off. One of many. Senator Trent Lott wrote a column for them. Imagine being black and leaving your home this morning. If you are black you are wary of cops, whites, and “reasons” everywhere. You know you are in danger for living. It is far from over.

Do you know of these things? Imagine armed killers going through your neighborhood killing families in their homes. And then coming to your house hell bent on death and evil. Google Rosewood 1923, or Wilmington 1898, or East St. Louis, 1917. How about Elaine, Arkansas 1919 – 240 black men women and children slaughtered. Did your teacher explain the horrifying “Red Summer” of 1919 when from Tulsa to Washington white supremacists rampaged? 26 cities participated in massacres. Whites murdered blacks. Thousand’s dead. The list goes on with mind staggering revelation. Did they teach you this in school? Police beating and Killing Blacks recklessly today is perpetuation. Blacks have reason to fear.

What is happening is long overdue as evil still struggles so hard to keep especially black hate alive. And these statues are symbols of pure evil. Not history, not heritage. Just pure evil: Learning of them should come from truth in teaching history in schools and museums, especially slavery museums, similar to the holocaust museum. The Civil War ended April 9th, 1865. 155 years later racism is alive and well. And for every minute of that 155 years Blacks have not been equal. Black children went to inferior schools. They were not allowed to go to school with whites. You could not eat in the same restaurant, ride the same bus, drink from the same water fountain, or go to the same bathroom. They were beaten raped and hanged. Society since was and is designed to keep Blacks poor and sublimated. Housing, Banking, Employment, and on and on was designed with rules to sublimate and remove equality and fairness from Blacks. They have been stuck in time with avenues to succeed subliminally designed to hold them back, leaving no meaningful way to get ahead.

Now the stage is set for you. So now let’s talk about these false “Heroes” and these statues of racist deception and those so proud they fought for human ownership. The occupation of the South by the North during “Reconstruction” (rebuilding the South after Civil War ending in 1865) was relaxed in 1877. At this time State Governments were allowed to assume autonomous rule. Their intent became to glorify the Southern effort and to perpetually impede black progress. Many statues were erected beginning in the 1880’s and 90’s in an effort to reimpose white supremacy throughout the Confederacy. Jim Crow (racist and segregation laws and efforts to sublimate blacks and keep them away from whites and public facilities) was alive and well. The Jim Crow period persisted from 1877 to 1965 and was finally addressed during the Civil Rights Movement of the

50’s and 60”. Confederate Statues were also meant to re-enforce this fiendish and wicked Jim Crow pursuit. The main building period for monuments was from 1889 to 1929. In 1954, 89 years after the Civil War the law (Brown v. Board of Education) finally said that black people are human enough to sit in the same classroom as whites. The KKK and white supremacist movements had hissy fits and went on another hate filled Statue building spree in an effort to flaunt their evil thinking. Evil is alive and well. In North Carolina alone 35 statues have been built since 2000. All evil needs to flourish is to be allowed. There are 40 Confederate Statues at Gettysburg. The last erected in 1994. Especially at Gettysburg the plaques must truthfully explain it is a statue of a traitor. They don’t. To those that this annoys, I say: I wonder if it would annoy the hundreds of thousands of American Soldiers that fought them and died grisly deaths for a free country.

There were four main locations for monuments; battlefields, cemeteries, county courthouse grounds, and state capitol grounds. The inscriptions define heroism and bravery in battle as they killed Americans that fought for freedom. The inscriptions are “Lies” of the highest order. They were not heroes. They were not Americans. They quit America to fight this war and killed Americans so they could own human beings.

Evil and hate have been perpetual. The 1920’s was the heyday of the KKK. There were millions of them. Lynching and murder were commonplace. Horror was becoming mainstream. On Aug. 8, 1925, 50,000 of them marched through Washington, 20 abreast, a demonstration of hate that could only be appreciated by the Third Reich. And they preached purification and hate for Blacks, Jews, Immigrants, leftists, homosexuals and at the time Catholics.

Yes, we have a dark history. One quarter of all United States Presidents had slaves. Serving from 1913 to 1921 President Woodrow Wilson was an avowed racist. (Wilson garnered 42 percent of the popular vote – these voters were fine with racism) Thomas Jefferson inherited 175 slaves. He eventually owned 600. He was the primary author of the “Declaration of Independence”. He was a mentor to James Madison who created the framework of the Constitution and is known as the Father of the Constitution. Our Constitution provided a framework within much conflicted differing mindsets, to allow for and create a “Pursuit”. The following is important: In 1776, 41 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were slave owners. In 1787, 25 of the 55 signers of the Constitution were slaveowners. Their intent had little to do with ending slavery in their time. Yet if we today, go after our entire history you will lose it all. Leave George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt and our Founders alone. Remember, far too few Americans know of or understand what you are reading here. It is not the right time for that part of the discussion. Stay with the Confederate Statues. Even with this, the road is difficult and likely futile. Since Charlottesville 134 statues have come down. Only a handful since George Floyd. Over 1508 remain. Evil does just enough to appease and wait for the calm and status quo remains.

The creation of “Pursuit” is vital here. At the time, much of Congress owning slaves factored into the decision to delete the “anti-slavery” passage in the Constitution. It was Jefferson, a significant slave owner, that believed the phrase “All men are created Equal” to be self-evident (in the Declaration of Independence) and would ultimately resolve slavery. This was factored into the Constitution in the 14th Amendment in 1868 by John Bingham. John Bingham did not own slaves and was an honest practicing abolitionist – a vital neglected Founding Father. The 14th amendment is vital. It is a mini-constitution giving credence to “All Men are Created Equal – a very worthy google. Lincoln himself, authored the 13th amendment in 1864 abolishing slavery. President Ulysses S. Grant authored the 15th amendment providing voting rights for blacks that were not honored until 1965. A full century after the Civil War. In the midst of men with great flaw and men of great truth, “Pursuit” in our founding allowed culture to finally abhor slavery enough to put a stop to it. Inequality was not addressed with substance until the 1960’s and persists today.

Article 1, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution of 1787 declared that for the purposes of representation in Congress, enslaved blacks in a state would be counted as 3/5ths of the number of white inhabitants of that state.

Let us never forget, there is much greatness in America. It has always been stymied by that mysteriously large number that are ok with evil being in place. The Constitution is a guide. Its’ one great failing is that it lacks much needed adhering guidance that the Supreme Court fails miserably to provide. They ignore “clear intent”. We have moved far too slowly. 244 years since our founding. 155 years since the end of the Civil War. As I write massive efforts are underway to halt and stop black voting. 2020 and every effort is being made to impede the Black vote. Freedom needs momentum. It cannot exist within a framework that honors hate and evil. The statues must come down. (Note: The Supreme Court has become miserably un-American allowing individuals to purchase decisions from their representatives, calling corporations people allowing them to purchase legislation, and impeding voting rights in several decisions to satisfy their appointers rather than the Constitution).

Caroline Randall Williams (born Aug. 24, 1987) is an American author, poet and academic. She is also a writer in residence at Vanderbilt University. Only 32 years old and dearly affected by her racist plight. Herewith, I leave you with her words:

“I have rape colored skin. My light brown-blackness is a living testament to the rules, the practices, the causes of the Old South. If there are those who want to remember the legacy of the Confederacy, if they want monuments, well, then, my body is a monument. My skin is a monument.

I am a black Southern woman, and of my immediate white male ancestors, all of them were rapists. My very existence is a relic of slavery and Jim Crow…I am a descendant of black women who were domestic servants and white men who raped their help. White Southern men – my ancestors – took what they wanted from women they did not love, over whom they had extraordinary power, and then failed to claim their children…My body and blood are a tangible truth of the South and its past. The black people I come from were owned by the white people I come from. The white people I come from fought and died for their Lost Cause.

And I ask you now, who dares to tell me to celebrate them? Who dares to ask me to accept their mounted pedestals…the man-made monuments, must come down. I defy any sentimental Southerner to defend our ancestors to me. I am quite Literally made of the reasons to strip them of their Laurels.

Caroline is only 32 years old. One (1) black woman.

Jamie Wallace