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To understand the title of this article and the vigorous resentment portrayed, one must see that division is the fruit of unfairness, perceived or real. Usually, unfairness without compassion for misery or suffering. Division is commonly found where evil lurks. There is no doubt. Evil lurks within The President of the United States. He stokes the evil within anyone that is willing to see another harmed or treated unfairly. Many excuse him by allowing things like “he didn’t actually say that”, when in fact, be it inuendo, sarcasm or subliminal he did in fact “mean that”. For example, he would not denounce David Duke, he said many good people are White Supremacists and that Africa is a shithole country. He rips children from their parents and puts them in cages where little ones often sit alone for hours in their own excrement. Even with these blatant examples which are a pittance of what he says and does, his followers will not acknowledge that he is an unvarnished racist and an evil man. Because it is ok with them.

The truth simply doesn’t matter to most Trump supporters. No matter how many lies, no matter how glaring, no matter how much racist activity, no matter how much glaring incompetency, no matter how much un-American presence, no matter that his economics do more harm than good, no matter his environmental dispassion is a precursor to immeasurable global suffering, no matter the cold hearts he has placed in power, no matter how this cruelty answers to him alone, no matter how much he sides with murderous dictators, no matter the belittling crud he says about women, no matter that revenge and getting even is who he is, no matter that mere democratic disagreement triggers this revenge, no matter the lowlife he mirrors to our children, no matter the darkness and division he has ignited throughout the land, no matter how many tweets and deeds reminiscent of a Chucky kind of cruel 10-year old, no matter how pathetic. You can show a Trumper science has proven a meteor is coming. If Trump says no, they will say “oh no it’s not. Splat”. They’re gone. What do you do with that?

The clarity of the evil within Trump thinking is striking, yet one third of our nation continues to support him. He has reached within the darkest part of humanity and he has given them oxygen and a voice and perceived credibility. This is how division is sown. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, all the evil leaders in history, discovered and exploited this darkness in mankind. In recognizing this human flaw, the wisdom of our Founders was astonishing. They recognized the great evil and real size of the dark side of humanity and with great care chose wording to contain this evil and keep them at bay as equality and justice was pursued. The constitution is designed with checks and balances and guidance to keep evil at bay. There was one deadly flaw: Without adhering dominion with elucidated descriptive intent, it was only a matter of time. The evil of mankind needs only to be allowed.

When your President has a dark heart, every racist, every homophobe, every psychopath (those without conscience) every sociopath, (those with an impaired ability to see right and wrong) every misogynist, every xenophobe, every cruel and dispassionate person, the uneducated and the pliable, all of those that are good with harming another human life that does not fit their way of thinking are given a platform and the thinking in their minds, becomes justified.

He tells them it is fine to shoot looters enraged by the racism that allows the ongoing murders of their brethren. He encourages division between the Police and Military with American citizens, 30% at least, are fine with this. He preaches dominate as if Americans were the enemy. 30% at least are fine with this. He orders tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful demonstrators so he can cross the street and self-glamorize. 30% are fine with this. His disgraceful deeds are endless. 30%, at least are fine with this. He does not understand Americans dominate enemies; we diffuse angered Americans by addressing their cause. This reaches into the heart of our Constitution.

I am going to give you the most valuable and important argument of them all. All lands, even the cruelest and worst, have policies. Some of the worst had highly successful infrastructure and economic successes. And in the midst of much successful policy the worst sublimated and destroyed populations.

Policy is important. Yet it is always “Values” that determine quality of policy and the quality of pursuit. Quality and values are why our Constitution is spine chilling. If our Constitution had adhering and intent quantification, we would have maintained the finest in human pursuit. When policy has a base line that recognizes fair and equal human values, evil is sublimated and the finest moves forward. It is values first and foremost. When evil rises it is a certainty that policy will embrace evil and wrong and of course evil will lie and try it make it look good. 30% are ok with this.

Then there is the Supreme value that we are not speaking of, where most damage is done. As values are diminished, so too is the Supreme Value of the quality of our children’s thinking. Every day they pick up on something that Trump says or does in an attempt to reduce others. It is blatant and everywhere. He attempts non-stop to harm the lives and reputations of others. He is a degrading name caller. He degrades looks and gender and race. He fires people for disagreeing and replaces them with high IQ, low values, and low class and obsequious followers. So sucky they can upset your stomach. It is the nature of children to learn and to form. Young minds are sponges eager for guidance and naturally respectful of the thinking of adults and leadership figures. An entire generation is being formed in an era of degradation and shame.

The moral void that Trump has caused has an enormous price tag. When your President speaks of grabbing pussy as being ok, and white supremacists are good people, and calling women fat and ugly pigs, and calling Africa shithole countries, and lying about and insulting John McCain, and insulting the parents of dead warriors, and endless racial slurs and insults, and walking through changing rooms scarring the minds of naked young pageant contenders, incurring numerous sexual abuse allegations, and paying off witnesses, and blatant obstruction of Justice, and blatant dictatorial abuse of department heads, and cheating charities, and environmental destruction, just to name a few. The evil his followers accept is unfathomable.

This does not end. He gives vile people and activity credibility. He re-tweets disgust. He retweeted a post by John Stahl that attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calf.). It read: “Anyone know what’s going on with Poly Grip? I’ve noticed lately she is sporting a poorly marked 2nd set of eye brows. In another he said Pelosi should have her mouth taped shut. He ridiculed dentures and accused Pelosi of drinking.

He cannot contain the hatred that runs through his veins. Trump accused Joe Scarborough of Murder. (The spouse of the dead woman Trump accused Joe Scarborough of killing called on twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to remove the Trump bile that perverts the memory of his wife.)

And let’s not forget Rosie O’Donnell, Crude, Rude, Dumb Fat and Fat Pig and on and on and Megyn Kelly, Blood coming from everywhere meaning her vagina, Mika Brzezinski bleeding badly from a face lift, and Carly Fiorina, calling her horse face, and Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas, Goofy, Crazy and Lowlife. Why would any woman support him? And why would any man that thinks he is a real man? This kind of thing is endless. He does not stop and Republicans do not hold him accountable. His disgrace to this land is boundless and endless. 30% are fine with this.

For this country to retrieve any credibility this man needs not to just be defeated, he needs to be demolished. A close defeat will send a message to the world that this was not an anomaly but that something long range, or perhaps permanent has gone wrong with the American psyche. Anything other than a major defeat will finish the job and American wonder will be history in the eyes of the world. We will be forever tarnished as a failed pursuit with a land saturated with unredeemable citizens.

The Trump economy is a misnomer. It is con for the rich. It has no quality as it has no values. It emphasizes greatness yet demonstrates illusion and self-destruction. On the surface it has enjoyed a temporary appearance of success, yet the truth is in the underlying veneer, which clearly exposes a devasting future of vast economic disparity and vast human inequality and global environmental destruction. It is based on deregulation of massive corporations so the massive corporation can regulate you and manipulate your freedoms and consume the world’s climatic balance and resources. CEO’s live budget to budget. The common good does not matter. We have lost control of them and control

ling them is all that can save us. Trump pulls down the flap and kisses them.

The answer: We don’t have to start over. The finest system in all of history or all that posterity will ever develop is ours now: The Constitution. We simply don’t live it. Admit we are land of bribery. End Citizens United and remove Corporate Power and monied influences. Gut Lobbies and start over with “citizens first” governing: “Define the Constitution. Define intent at every level. (For example, the 14th amendment never in the slightest way intended for a Corporation to have personhood) Develop adhering principle and consequence. Pass the law. And the Grand Finale: “Live the Law”.

Bill McClellan