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I am going to deride with grave disgust, first the American System, then Trump and Biden.  Until you are clear with our realities and how far off we are, there is virtually no hope.  The problem is our system of Government not only does not work; it destroys.  Trump and Biden are not the problem, they are result.  The complete failure of both is “not recognizing” and addressing the systemic nightmare we live with.  The cause is clear and glaring “Bribery”. 

To be very clear.  I say “not recognizing” with great trepidation.  The fear being that they do recognize this grave systemic difficulty for what it is.  Yet refuse to address it.  A system rooted in bribery that destroys all possibility of the people being cared for.  A system whereby self-interest and greed for money and power rule absolute.  The root design being altered to keep power and money where it is at virtually any expense, including the system itself, initially designed to be the greatest force for good on earth. They have greedily destroyed it.  The question is:  What is it that causes leaders to completely ignore the one thing that if fixed could return course?

That is to:  Remove money, favor for favor and any loophole that provides an avenue for bribery or greed to cause decisions.

When you look at the Republican Party today you see horror.  But don’t be fooled.  The system makes Democrat leaders the same way.  Republicans are voting on everything to protect themselves without an iota of concern for the people.  They want their power at any expense including human life. They experienced Jan 6th.  If Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, or Alexandria Ocasio Cortez were found that day they surely would be dead.  This does not move Republicans to condemn that day as keeping power is far more important to them than America or Democracy.  To be very clear in any situation where their power would be similarly endangered Democrats also would embrace themselves over the people.  Honorable people rarely run for office.  (Those willing to sacrifice for the Country – True patriots that would sacrifice their damn job and work from the outside for Patriotic change)  This is a systemic tragedy.  With money and bribery thriving from that pool of Americans willing to sacrifice honor for self-gain.      

It is baffling that a land guided by documents with clear human respect and moral clarity has allowed such grave departure into a system based on glaring bribery.  The problem from the beginning has been no adhering guidance or rules.  The private domain discovered they could bribe anyone in government.  Lust for power overwhelmed all moral considerations for the people.  Leaders have discovered that they could do anything they want with our bounty and there was nothing in the system to stop them.  And the well off discovered how willing they are. 

Throughout the working years of my life, I watched this country deteriorate.  For a brief time, you would go to jail for accepting money for favor.  Then they created loopholes to make it look good and accepted bribery anyway.  Then, finally it evolved into acceptance, whereby everyone knows that politicians suck up to those that give them money.  The people have not mattered for a very long time.  This kind of glaring bribery and systemic fault is a deterrent to those with honor and an attraction to the very worst among us.  And with false face and deceitful smiles the worst of us have led us on the path of social deterioration….and perhaps the end days of human social structures

If there was a single American tragedy that caused massive change of heart within American culture it was the cruel, relentless, and unregulated movement of our work.  The very heart of American success and pride greedily moved to other lands.  The business world saw an avenue whereby exploitation of the resources and people of other lands would make individuals super wealthy at the expense of American work.  They chose to make themselves rich.  So, they exercised their tried-and-true method and successfully bribed politicians into silence wherever necessary to allow the destruction of communities throughout the country.

 It is this kind of suffering that has caused half of our people to choose a scumbag (not name calling…It just what he is) like Trump.  They will choose anyone or anything that derides the current form of government.  They are not wrong.  When your house is burning down you will try anything to save it.  We have allowed the dispassionate and greedy to run amok and we have a land where very little is right.  The other half of the Country chooses a Party that is equally complicit in causing and allowing our downfall.  The standards and intent Democrats profess have been worthless in a system ran by bribery.  

Our corroded system is the bottom-line problem that will destroy the world.  It is broken and no one is looking at it.  It is not Republican or Democrat.  They are false symbols.  As our people don’t “get it” they take a side in these useless parties and ignore what is really wrong.  “BRIBERY”.  Thus, misdirecting energy and providing the path for untouched decline.  In the mean time our earth is danger from Climate Change.  Our resources are being depleted by individual greed with over population.  And we could wake or “not” to nuclear disaster on any given day. 

I urge you to all find the 1964 movie “FAIL SAFE”.  Roko has it for one.  It will awaken you.  Nuclear disaster is far more likely today, intentional or accidental, than ever before and it is treated like a non-serious problem.  This movie shows the clear likelihood of a nuclear exchange and was brought before the United Nations 57 years ago.  

Two decades post WWII was the closest we made it with the American ideal.  Strong comradery was derived by all of us working together to defeat an evil we all understood could not be allowed to gain power and come to our shores. This was  our greatest, albeit brief, era.  Today, “We” are the enemy.  Our own government is destroying us.  And as they have destroyed their own quality, we can no long lead the world and as such the world has lost respect and is running amok.  With bribery went our moral high ground that could save the world.  Instead, Russia is experimenting with missiles to destroy satellites.  China is blowing up mock Aircraft carriers and experimenting with missiles to target nuclear submarines. Meanwhile, our people are in fear of mass disturbance or civil war and cannot agree on vaccinations.  For God’s sake.  The danger is more than real and more than frightening than ever before.  As we move forward on this planet as a failing species submerged in self-induced folly.  Sorry folks.  It looks like nature erred.  Morality needed to advance faster than intellect.   We need to quickly return to the values in our Founding.  We must get Bribery of our leaders out of this land before there is no land at all.   


Bill McClellan