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Euclid Restaurant

As we all adjust to this new normal is nice to be reminded that some things never change. At the Euclid Restaurant you can still be comforted by the things you have come to except at the Euclid for decades: The great food, affordable prices, service with a smile, and a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The Euclid is located at the corner of Morgan Road and Route 31 at 4285 State Route, . mile from Great Northern Mall and close to all of the shopping on Route 31. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 8 pm. They are currently closed Sunday and Monday but be sure to check their website for updated information. If to-go meals are more your speed these days, the Euclid has you covered and they are happy to accommodate takeout orders! They have their full menu online so check out their website at http://www. euclidrestaurant.com/. Give them a call at 315-622-2750, place your order and they will have it ready for you to pick up!

Have you noticed that some places come and go while others stand the test of time? The Euclid has been a part of Central New York for over 200 years. The Euclid is one of the cool hidden historical gems of our area. Built in 1817 and changing to accommodate the times and customers the Euclid had been a restaurant and an inn, and they proudly boast that it is the oldest establishment in town that is still being used for its original purpose! How have they been a success while others have not? The Euclid has found the simple answer: treat your customers like family, keep your prices fair, and above all else, serve fantastic food! The Euclid has also made sure to adapt with the changing times and they have made your safety their priority. They have really put the customer first with all of their menus to meet the needs of everyone: children’s menu, low carb menu, and even a senior menu!

If comfort food is what you are looking for, no one does it better than the Euclid. They also have great weekly specials. On Tuesdays they have two specials to choose from: the huge 24 oz. Cattleman’s Cut Prime Rib or homemade Chicken and Biscuits. The Wednesday specials are all you can eat! Choose between the mouthwatering All You Can Eat Southern Fried Chicken which includes French fries and coleslaw or hot veggies and the All You Can Eat Sauerbraten served with red cabbage and egg noodles. If youare a pasta lover then you certainly don’t want to miss Thursday’s special of all you can eat pasta! Choose from spaghetti or shells served with your choice of two meatballs or one sausage. Head to the Euclid on Friday if fish delights your taste buds, with the Euclid Fish Fry served with French fries and coleslaw.

Kyle and I arrived at the Euclid on a chilly Tuesday night. On our drive to the restaurant Kyle couldn’t help but talking about how excited he was for a huge prime rib dinner swimming in delicious au jus. For those that don’t know, the Euclid has the best slow roasted prime rib in town and they serve it every day! This tender cut of beef is roasted to perfection every day at the Euclid and you can pick from the 9 oz. house cut, the 12 oz. queen cut, or the 16 oz. king cut. For a real treat for the prime rib lover, like my husband, the best deal in town is on Tuesday for their Cattleman’s Cut 24 oz Prime Rib. We were quickly seated at our warm and cozy table. For our appetizers we ordered the Chicken Wing Dip, which was a gigantic helping of creamy and only slightly spicy wing dip bubbling and served with tortilla chips. We also ordered the Fried Clam Strips, golden fried to perfection! For our entrees I ordered the Walleye dinner, deep fried, which came with two sides, I chose a fresh garden salad and French fries. The generous portions of perch were lightly battered, crispy and delicious. Kyle ordered the Cattleman’s Cut Prime Rib. Every bite was perfection, as it is every time we go to the Euclid. We were stuffed and had to-go boxes packed because the portions are always very generous! We once again had a great meal at The Euclid!

At the Euclid you will find delicious food, huge portions, great value and a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Stop in for a full meal complete with a wine selection from the fantastic wine menu or just for a cocktail or a snack. You will never be disappointed Euclid Restaurant with a visit to the Euclid. The Euclid, operating under the current owners, has been a favorite of Central New Yorkers since 1981, stop in today or pick up take out and taste the deliciousness that has stood the test of time while adapting to the changing times!

Kerilyn Micale
Kerilyn E. Micale is a Cicero native.