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Syracuse New York has the finest Police Department in the Country.  They are extremely elite and each individual is a professional of the finest order.  SPD is a Police Force, that is highly skilled, brave, capable, compassionate, and with the ability to properly apply understanding and compassion.  These requisites combined in an individual equal the finest we can be.  To have an entire force with this kind of design honors in the finest way the founding documents of this finest land on earth.  That we have evolved into systemic design and frigid attitudes that fail to guide this kind of greatness in a way that they move forward doing what they were meant to do is perhaps our greatest tragedy.  

What if a Navy Seal Team or a Special Forces “A” team were sent on a mission where suffering and agony was rampant?   And when they returned everything was the same as before?  Nothing achieved.  Would that not be a human tragedy and waste of the finest talents we have?  Would you not expect them to come back with the problem excised and the people that were being persecuted rejoicing with renewed and real hope?  Would you not expect the purveyors of pure evil and human suffering to be removed in a way that they know not to return?

I am going take a paragraph and explain why I think this way.  I was born in 1946.  I grew up among the finest warriors in history.  WWII vets.  Everything I learned, I learned from them.  They had seen enough evil and dispassion. They had little patience for an attitude willing to offend or harm another to satisfy greed or exaggerated ego.  They knew they were tough.  But most of all had no desire to prove it.  Our leaders have let the American pursuit of fairness and decency and quality die in Syracuse.  And they go to work each day performing among that death.  They tell themselves lies and manufacture excuses to allow those that my mentors fought and died for to suffer.  Government lost track of the true hope of America.  Simply put:  Real Men that really walk tall, walk with understanding and compassion.  In their presence violence damn well better have reason that protects.  And suffering must be stopped, not maintained.  That is walking tall.    

The design of my plan allows you to start small and to test and learn the truths I have brought forward.  The evil in our town can be stopped.  Begin in the first village described in the plan.  Send in the finest that we can be.  Remember the guidance of General Omar Bradley.  “Amateurs talk Strategy, Professionals talk Logistics and Strategy”.  That is why I wrote 53 City Department heads and sent them a copy of the plan.  Each has a vital responsibility to the plan contributing their expertise wherever there is need.  Before you begin, ask each department to study the plan and the area and develop plans and logistical capacities in their expertise that initially coincide with D Day.  (Explained in the Plan).  Ask each department to develop a maintenance plan erring on the side of progress, ensuring that achievements are honored and preserved.  Once fixed, decline is no longer permissible, must be the thinking.   

Realize the vital contribution of SPD.  They will remove the toxicity and provide a village that can be revived.  They will set the stage for the American way by being the American way.  (Neighborhood esprit-décor and contributions explained in the plan) Allow SPD to resolve the problems that prevent progress with systems put in place to insure maintenance.  All included in the plan.

  “THE PLAN” can be found at (word on the street tablehopping.com).  This brings you to my column.  Scroll to Dec 2020 for part {I}.  Then to Jan 2021 for part {II} and February 2021 for part {III}.  This plan outlines what will unquestionably work to fix our town and save our people.  At least 10 following columns cement workability describing each step and esprit de corps in greater length.  If you read the first three you will have what you need to fix Syracuse.  And believe me, the city is broken.  When you read the plan, you will see how the city will be revitalized in every way.  It will amaze you that we are not doing this.     

Everything that is wrong with America and clearly in Syracuse is the systemic deformation that has given credence to these tragic quotes by former General of the Army Omar Nelson Bradley:

“We’ve learned how to destroy, but not to create; how to waste, but not to build; how to kill men, but not how to save them; how to die, but seldom how to live.”

“It is to the United States that all free men look for the light and the hope of the world. Unless we dedicate ourselves completely to this struggle, unless we combat hunger with food, fear with trust, suspicion with faith, fraud with justice – and threats with power, nations will surrender to the futility, the hopelessness, the panic on which wars feed.”

The systemic deformation I reference is “in place” design, that forces leaders to abandon the less fortunate.  In order to please the variables that keep them in office they are required not to protect the less fortunate.   Perhaps that sounds harsh.  “Truth” we don’t want to hear often appears that way.  It is the cold bloody cruel truth that is hard.  Drive around the village described in my plan or any inner-city neighborhood and see what is harsh.  Learn of the murders, rapes, assaults, robberies and addictions that go on unabated.  No one, so far gives a damn.   Just drive down the street.  You will find the results of humanity left to despair.  The location of “The Village” can be found at “word on the street tablehopping.com” Scroll to “The Plan – Special Forces “Intelligence”.  This is the January of 2021 article and is Part II to the three-part plan.  The location and a map are provided.  Again, Part I is Dec 2020 and Part III is Feb 2021.  

Just look at the societal cesspool in the village I describe in my plan.  Once Government admits that the system holds them hostage, they can look for ways to do the right thing.  Usually, good caring people are involved in Politics.  But they too often lack the elite esprit de corps that’s fights for human justice and cause right to prevail.  That is what this has been about.  To cause “right” and “human justice” to prevail.   It has become standard accepted practice to defy the common good if it interferes with your career.  The following comparison can be drawn on all politicians.  Our Mayor for example, like all of us is looking ahead.  For him Congress in definitely in the cards.  He is forced to guard against moves that might displease the party, or his constituents, or that could brand him has a rebel, or too far left, or too far removed from contemporary, or someone that might rock the boat.  It would be very difficult (but possible – you never know a real leader until the test is clear) to get a Politician on board with helping the poor, especially poor of mixed origins.  A Systemic evil truth that defies everything we are we supposed to be.

Inner Cities are poor.  Inner Cities are submerged in heroin addiction.  Individual suffering in inner Cities is grave and rampant.  It is where the need is greatest in our land and it is where power is designed to withhold care.  And for generations anguish, pain, addiction, murder, rape and every kind of abuse of the young are part of life and individual tears and hopelessness reign,  They are left alone where violence and drugs rule.  And until the ideas I have shown you are adopted they will always suffer greatly  

For quite some time Syracuse has had the finest Police Department in the Country.  This effort clearly proves how this talent is not being applied correctly.  If given direction these Cops would end upwards of 90% of the crime in these areas rather than maintain a status quo of ongoing decline.  Protecting this achievement would require the same force.  The Syracuse Police Department has a capability that is rarely found.  It is full of extraordinary elite individuals.  This uniquely elite Police Force developed over decades and was influenced by a leadership that knows how to lead.  We have been fortunate.  Apart from Stephanie Minor and the steady widespread evil that came with her we have had excellent Mayors.  We have had professional and high achieving Police Chiefs.  

For 30 years there has also been one brilliant individual working behind the scenes as a guiding force throughout the Syracuse legal system.  One that understands how to work with Mayors and Police Chiefs and one that has been recognized consistently by our citizens since January of 1992 and has served us since.  This is the Onondaga County District Attorney William J. Fitzpatrick.  The DA understands right and wrong and how to convey this to others.  He knows justice begins with an elite caring hero cop in a neighborhood and ends with fair compassionate disposition.  He understands how a cop should think to be the finest.  He understands that a rookie must be among the best to become one of the best.  This is much of the reason why we have a Police Force of the finest there is.

The problem is Politics.  We are embedded with systemic inadequacies and poisoned by a system that literally requires you to go against what is right to succeed.  Every leader in Syracuse knows I am right.  They know my plan will work.  Yet they deny.

Leadership needs to return to the thinking of the days when we understood the greatness of a leader is measured by the achievements of the led.   

In addition to failing to recognize this window that can save our City our leaders are wasting the finest Police Department in America.  Sending them out every day to literally maintain crime.  This when this Department among all others has the spirit, the elite expertise and the will to end an easy 90 % of crime in our neighborhoods and create the starting place for a new city, a real shining American City.  An example and standard for all others to follow.  On behalf of my brave friends that fought in Viet Nam and every Veteran that has given their very life to live free in the finest land on earth, I implore you hear them, to honor them.  Fix this City.  Begin.      

Bill McClellan