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Munjed’s Mediterranean Restaurant & Lounge

I truly believe that good food nourishes both your body and your soul. If you feel the same, or hey – even if you just feel hungry – I have to recommend a trip to Munjed’s Mediterranean Restaurant & Lounge. They are conveniently located in the Westcott neighborhood at 505 Westcott Street in Syracuse, centrally located near Syracuse University, Le Moyne College, the hospital campuses and downtown Syracuse. They are open Tuesday through Sunday and they are always serving amazing food made using only the best and freshest ingredients around! Here is a bit of great news: there are so many ways to enjoy everything Munjeds has to offer! Their dining room is open, you can place a phone order for pick up (at (315) 425-0366), order in person for pick up, or even have it delivered right to your door with Doordash or Grubhub! Since their opening in 1984, you can always find good food and good people at Munjed’s – always!

“Spread Hommus, Not Hate” is a simple, yet powerful and authentic phrase that you can find on some of their merch! One of my favorite aspects about Munjed’s is that they have really leaned into this idea of “simple yet powerful.” The “simple” idea behind the food is to serve only the highest quality items, using generations of cooking knowledge, and serving authentic and delicious meals that everyone can enjoy! And, I do mean everyone. Every single dish is made from scratch so your dietary needs are absolutely considered; they offer gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, and Halal specialties. The “simple” idea behind the restaurant is to take a great location, continue to impress the neighborhood, and create a place that people want to be. I would say that they nailed this! The atmosphere at Munjed’s has got to be one of my favorite vibes in Syracuse. It is warm and inviting but also tasteful and aesthetically elegant. At Munjed’s they have curated an atmosphere where you could bring a date, a girl’s night out, or even a family dinner to introducing little ones to international cuisine. This atmosphere seems to have been cultivated by their trademark of “good food, good people, always.” 

Kyle and I were looking forward to a night out at Munjed’s because we just love going there, enjoying awesome food, and (if I’m being honest) quietly eavesdropping on other tables’ conversation because the crowd is usually an interesting mix of people. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way but since the pandemic we have all learned to be much more flexible so we ended up getting Munjed’s to go and enjoyed at home. When I placed the order I had mentioned that my son and I weren’t feeling so great and my heart just melted when I opened the order to find a note wishing us well with two hand drawn flowers. It really is the little things that get us through the day, isn’t it? If the artist/author of the note is reading this – thank you! I appreciated you! We started our meal with a Mazza platter that included Hommus, Garden Salad, Feta Cheese & Olives, Babaganouj, Falafels, Tabouli Salad, Grape Leaves, Tzatziki, and Greek Salad. The babaganouj (puree of charbroiled eggplant, tahini, lemon and garlic) was creamy and smoky and fantastic (especially topped with the feta and olives) and the falafel (mildly spiced, fried chickpea patties) was crunchy and perfectly fried (not at all greasy) and absolute perfection when dipped in the Tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber and garlic dip). The hommus was also exceptional, even though I only had one bite before my 2 year old decided to eat it with a spoon!  For an entree Kyle had the Sultan’s Mixed Grill which includes: kifta kabob skewer, chicken, and grilled shrimp served with rice, falafel patties, hommus, salad, pita, toom, and hot sauces. This combo was truly a little bit of everything Munjed’s had to offer as far as Middle Eastern cuisine is concerned, and as always Kyle devoured it! I decided on my absolute favorite dish on the menu, Sotiri’s Greek Fest, a wedge of spanakopita (filo pastry dough, filled with spinach, feta cheese, and baked until golden brown, served with tzatziki sauce) and slices of savory gyro meat, served with Greek salad, tzatziki sauce, grape leaves, and pita. As always, every single bite was absolutely superb. The best part about getting take away is that you don’t have to worry about saving room for dessert. I positively must recommend a slice of Baklava Cheesecake, vanilla based cheesecake topped with walnuts, sugar, and cinnamon that is then drizzled with a sugar and rosewater syrup and a Burma Roll (shredded fillo with pistachios, drizzled with sugar, and rose water syrup) because life is too short to skip dessert!

Munjed’s is here to make it easy to satisfy your hunger for the best Middle Eastern, Greek, Mediterranean, vegan, and vegetarian dishes that CNY has to offer! Check out their website at munjeds.net for the most up to date hours, to check out their menu, events, and specials, and even to order online! They have plenty of room for your special occasion and they are the perfect, unique venue for your upcoming event, shower, birthday party, retirement party, rehearsal dinner, or any other event! Whatever you are looking for in a dining experience, Munjed’s has the perfect plate and the perfect atmosphere to meet your needs. Be sure to check them out at http://munjeds.net or better yet, head over there today!

Kerilyn Micale
Kerilyn E. Micale is a Cicero native.