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Part I – “The Plan” Recognition of Purpose Fixing Our City


PRELUDE: “THE PLAN: enter – word on the street tablehopping.com – this brings you directly to my column – You are reading an updated PART I from December of 2020. Scroll down to January 2021 for PART II and February 2021 for PART III. PART II AND PART III will be reprinted this July and August. Part II and Part III are the essence of the plan. Part I is the story of the girl that caused me to recognize the true evil of the drug trade from the street to the cartel. It has been re-enforced by the death of another that I love from the same scourge. Evil permeates this 15-square block area. I urge you to read this story and multiply it endlessly in our City. Please grasp this human pain.

TO: The 53 City Leaders I wrote to last year. (Readers: I furnished them all Part II of “The Plan” and explained where to find the rest) Your mission is to make Syracuse a great City. You have all the tools. Yet, it does not matter if you are vital Social Services or our extraordinarily elite Police Force you are being denied the paths and opportunities to be your best. You are guided to maintain decline rather than achieving and maintaining meaningful success. You have been denied the avenues to make this a great City.

“THE PLAN” changes all that. It shows you how to work together as a formidable City fixing team. It is awesome stuff. Today I am asking you to please start thinking about preparations for a new “D-DAY.” Explained in the plan.

You are the government. When people speak of American Greatness, it is to you they are speaking. Whatever we are is due to how well you perceive and believe in the intent of the Constitution and our Founders hopes for our today. What I am about to say is not melodramatic. It is you that gives this legitimacy. It is the way you should feel every day and the way I hope you feel as we address the problems in our City. Please think about the awesome feeling and chills near tears of American Patriotism. Think about the Star-Spangled Banner written from a memory in a great battle, or the Battle Hymn of the Republic, or reading the deeds of a Medal of Honor winner, or thinking of the great sacrifice made by countless young men just blown apart in battle, with their dying last word “Mom.” The price is high for the beauty of freedom. What gives it worth is your work alone.

Please read this plan and be prepared to be “His Truth Marching On.” I am very serious. Please invigorate that sense of what America was meant to be. Di Oppresso Libre. To Liberate the Oppressed. The motto of the Special Forces. (Green Berets) Let’s fix our City. I did not fight. Timing saved me. If not for that I would likely be dead. But if you just knew of those incredible warriors, (7th Special Forces and 173d Airborne Brigade) I served with you would know why I write like this. I am writing “American.” I am asking you to embark on an American mission with goals so worthy and striking that those chills of Patriotism will flow, inspiring elite success and unmatched pride as you are not only achieving, but greatness is your force, and the American way is your result.

Regular readers are aware that I have devised, and printed in Table Hopping, a plan to “Save our City.” December of 2020 is “Part I” which shows my motivation and the immense human suffering “The Plan” invades and removes. January of 2021 and February of 2021 are “Parts II and Part III of the plan which carefully outline design and explain how to circumvent every relevant concern including financing. What you are reading is “Part I” revised for 2022. It lets you know what the plan is about and provides incentive and esprit de corps which I hope will cause you to “want” to look up the plan and/or read the re-prints of “Parts II and III” to follow the next two months.

I am not overly self-assured. I just know how to do it. We don’t simply rid the area of heroin. We develop systems to keep it that way. I show you how. After “Shock and Awe” (defined in the plan) it will instantly be known in the drug world that the village is off limits. Immediate arrest and swift efficient prosecution will become the greeting in the village for Drug Dealers. One village at a time and this will take hold. Everyone from Police to Social Services and 50 departments in between must carefully and strategically develop “Sustaining” measures in virtually each deed you perform within the village. That is the essential ingredient throughout. Success “requires” a Village (a Special Forces designation meaning a neighborhood or part of a neighborhood) at a time. I urge you to keep a record of plans and everything you learn. “The Plan” will work. We want a blueprint of each unique idea of what we do in each Village. As successes accumulate Departments should develop and “improve as you go” a draft pamphlet showing their contribution and how it is sustained. Together these pamphlets will show in detail how to fix and maintain quality of life in a City. Citywide efforts have too many clumsy and expensive drawbacks. Councilors please note: There must be a starting place. The plan shows the best one. The Plan will reach every District as success is proven. Please jump on board as “removers” of bureaucracy. Said with every respect. But so very necessary. This is “Can Do” from you, the Mayor, the Police, Social Services and all Departments.

We rebuild our thinking and in turn the City, one Village at a time, into an attractive energized proud City that will attract and influence leadership in Business and set example for other Cities to follow. You do this and they will come. And suffering will be reduced a not exaggerated 90%. There are great advantages in being first. (Refer to “THE PLAN”) Remember, foremost, every improvement will have a sustaining mechanism. I am a former Green Beret. I was trained to cause Villages to participate in common goals and to become self-sustaining and I have never seen this application in Civilian Life. That is because money, bureaucracy and self-interest were not in play. “THE PLAN” shows you how to defer these success sucking weaknesses and cause justice for the people. Safety and quality of life in the village is the goal. Too seldom in life do opportunities present themselves that can really make a difference. Some of the best come from those without fame or ceremony. Windows of massive opportunity are all too rare in this life. They must be grasped when open. If an unusual, unique and invaluable set of life saving wisdoms are suddenly presented, recognition is urgent less an era of untold value may die on the vine.

In these days of pervasive obsequious scrambling to please Political donors (many of whom are dispassionate) and algorithm news designed only for-profit, vital truths and by far most of the people, are being ignored. Our Politicians concentrate on pleasing a low percentage of our City as up to 80% of our City is submerged in the unspeakable horrors of a heroin epidemic. Who tells you that? No one. Every administration since the late 60’s has left the City a far worse place. Not because they are not capable but because a system evolved with money and self-interest more important than the people. This systemic design permeates our Country and greatness is failing. Who tells you that? No one.

“PART ONE” in December of 2020, is about reasons and my motivation to do this. It is about a lovely young girl. My good friend for 7 years. And my efforts to save her. And keep her alive. The original “PART ONE” is mostly her story. An example of the suffering that is permeating our City. And how drugs eventually put her on her deathbed. She survived and today has hope. Her sweetness in her plight was heartbreaking, to see someone so fragile and alone and deserving and so broken. Heroin made her recklessly suicidal, with severe weight loss, facial features drawn tight by heroin, beaten by ruthless drug dealers with no heart or regard for humanity. Her eyes and face blackened and discolored by the fists of scum. I want them. Miraculously, she is alive. She deserves a life. Her and her plight has become my charge. This must all end. This is about victims. So young. So much suffering and lost life. And minds stolen from young Moms and Dads of babies. So dirtbags can get money. This all happened in the first village I outline in the “THE PLAN.”

Then this past August another that asked me for help and I love dearly overdosed on drugs bought in this Village. I was in the process of pulling every available emotional trigger to make her well. There was much progress and hope. She wanted out. One day she took that “tiny amount” between life and death, just a little too much heroin purchased in the village, and never woke up. Her story is of another human beauty of the finest kind consumed by the evil of the same damn Village. If we had begun on the first D-Day she and so many others would be alive. It still nearly breaks me to discuss.

Bill McClellan