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Pasta’s on the Green

Let’s figure it out – what did you miss most last summer? Meeting friends for drinks and dinner? A leisurely golf game with a stop for a snack and a cold drink on the 9th hole? Maybe you’d planned a special party, and had to put it off, or just wanted to head out for a night of great live music, great food and your favorite beverages?

Last year, when we visited Pasta’s on the Green in Baldwinsville, we were very happy to report that the venue was open, though with some limitations due to the pandemic restrictions. And while this summer those restrictions aren’t gone, they’re significantly relaxed – which means you can also relax and plan for those lazy summer lunches, no-cooking-required dinners with even more friends, and especially, the Thursday night “Party on the Patio” that’s become a go-to gathering at Pasta’s in summer for Central New Yorkers.

When I arrived to visit, owner (along with business partner Mike Tanzella) and hands-on operator, Chris Bandera was finishing up a call with a customer preparing for a party. Item by item he assured the caller that they had everything planned, from the food and drink to the setting, even down to the color of the napkins and tablecloths. That’s impressive – when getting ready for a big event, whether it’s a shower, bachelor party, retirement or special birthday, there’s nothing more reassuring than knowing that your venue has you covered and is on top of each and every detail. That’s the kind of service Bandera and Pasta’s on the Green aims to offer.

As for most businesses, especially in the food and beverage category, the recent months have been challenging. Pasta’s has still made it a point to provide a relaxed, friendly, up-beat atmosphere, while also being diligent about applying both the state rules and its own sense of providing customers a safe and healthy environment. Entering the establishment, I walked across one of its many outdoor decks, spotless and sparkling in the afternoon sun – table umbrellas up to shelter patrons, and the view of the golf course and gardens a perfect setting for a late lunch or early cocktail.

Pasta’s on the Green Pizzeria and Pub was conceived as a sports bar; but it’s also a party house, a restaurant, a catering venue, and a banquet hall. It’s big, with adaptable space. At the large main bar with 16 taps of domestic and craft beers, and enough tv screens that sports fans will be able to enjoy the games – especially SU games – from any seat in the house. In each of the main areas of the venue there’s a full bar, tailoring its offerings to the specific area.

Even during the past few months, Pasta’s has been faithful to its extensive (and mouth-watering) menu, continuing to offer their famous large pizzas and signature “End-Loaded Sandwich,” made with a half loaf of Di Lauro’s Italian bread, hollowed out and stuffed with your choice of delicious filling – truly a “sangweech,” as the menu tells us! Wraps, salads, wings or burgers are always popular, or you may want to try a Personal Pizza Roll, including the “Ultimate Supreme” at 16” long and filled with toppings can satisfy even the biggest appetite. And while a traditional Central New York fish fry is a great choice on Friday, you can now order it any day, or you might want to try tender calamari, or the fried fish platter that includes fish, clams, shrimp and fries. You can call for take-out if you just have to have some Pasta’s food on a night you can’t come in!

Taking advantage of crowd limits due to the pandemic, Pasta’s has recently cleaned, painted, redecorated and upgraded almost the entire property. The last remaining remodel, Bandera tells me, is “The patio. The patio remodeling begins in September, so we’ve booked a full summer of music – our Thursday Party on the Patio, and then as usual a live band will get booked during the week, so you’ll want to check in often. Our summer season starts on June 3rd with The Horn Dogs, and then it just keeps going. Country, rock, blues, and a few special guests added to the lineup here and there. We know our customers have been wanting to get out and have fun in the summer, so that’s what we plan to offer.”

The Party on the Patio opens with drinks at 4pm, with the music kicking in at 6, and lasting at least 3 hours. And, as usual, you can stop in any day for lunch, snacks, drinks – or drop by the special golf bar for some 9th hole refreshment on the Foxfire Golf Course, or for a post-game drink. While pent-up demand has the catering portion of the venue busy, there are still openings, so call to check if there’s a special event you want to plan. Bandera will work with you however he’s able.

And don’t forget, Pasta’s has a good reason to come out and get a little friendly rivalry going on Tuesdays with Trivia Night – the games begin at 7pm, so you’ll have lots of time for a good dinner and a drink before the fun starts.

So get ready. Summer’s here. Pasta’s is open, and the bands are playing. Let’s party!

Pasta’s on the Green
Pub & Pizzeria
1 Village Blvd N. Baldwinsville NY 13027

Phone: 315.638.1362



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