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Harvest Has Begun

Its harvest time here in the Finger Lakes. It began a bit later than last year, but we pick when the grapes are ready. All sorts of variables determine the ripeness of the fruit, like weather and terroir. Some wineries began picking last week. Knapp began with Baco and on the agenda this week were Cayuga, Seyval, Vignoles and Chardonnay. My office is at Knapp and conveniently located upstairs from the bottling room which overlooks the crush pad. That means that, for the next couple weeks of harvest, when people call my office, I have to ask them to speak up in order to hear over the sound of the forklift, tractors, and crusher/destemmer just outside my window. Rough life, I know.

It’s the time of year that the sound of heavy equipment rumbles it’s way through the vines.

That being said, the activity level outside, matches that inside our office. Typically, at this time of year, we’re working closely with our graphic design team to make updates to the Trail Map & Guide. We’re putting transportation and accommodation packages together for our events and selling tickets. We’re starting to think about the next year’s promotion and the budget for all that will be done. This typically entails quite a few meetings full of long-range planning with our promotional partners like Finger Lakes Wine Country and Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance, radio groups and TV stations. We’re also keeping our fans updated with what’s going on at the wineries during harvest via our social media pages. All of this is still occurring!

The harvest has begun at many wineries across the Finger Lakes region. Many are experiencing a busy time at the vines.

On top of all that, we’re working with ABC Creative Group of Syracuse on a brand new CayugaWineTrail.com. It’s an exciting process that we can’t wait to share with you the end result. We’re about to enter the phase of the project where Katherine and I, the strong 2-woman team that runs the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail office, will have to learn the new Content Management System and then develop a good portion of the new information for the website. We’re in store for an unusually busy fall, but we’re feeling up to the challenge. She and I head up to Syracuse on Monday afternoon to meet with the team that has been developing the site. It will be the first time we have seen them since we interviewed them before hiring ABC for the project. I hope that my column next month will be an announcement of the new site that has been launched. Fingers crossed.

Also in the mix, we’re brainstorming ways that we can celebrate our 35th Anniversary throughout 2018. We have a couple awesome things in the works that I am really excited to announce, but I think that is best saved for next month’s article when we have a bit more of the details worked out. I will say though that our event offerings are expanding in 2018 and CLWT sure knows how to celebrate.

Our friends Lauren and Glenn at Clark CSM Marketing Communications are working behind the scenes to make all the promotional materials for 2018 glitzy and glamorous, since it’s an anniversary year. Lots of sparkling wine flutes and glitter wherever appropriate. We’re America’s First Wine Trail and next year is our 35th birthday, so let’s celebrate!

Cassandra Harrington is the executive director of the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail, America’s First. Taste a bit of history. To learn more, visit: www.cayugawinetrail.com.

Cassandra Harrington
Executive Director at Cayuga Lake Wine Trail
Cassandra Harrington is the executive director of the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail. To learn more, visit www.cayugawinetrail.com.