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Cayuga Lake Wine Trail Shows Appreciation

Cayuga Lake Wine Trail  Shows Appreciation

This spring, the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail launches their “Customer Appreciation Week” promotion. The first week of each month, May through November, we’re honoring a different profession or service. It goes without saying that the customer is the most important part of the industry, so we wanted to find a way to show some appreciation to a handful of whose who not only love wine, but have demanding jobs themselves.

Add these to your calendar:

June 3-9: Healthcare Professional Appreciation Week

July 8-14: Teacher/Educator Appreciation Week

August 5-11: Agriculture Appreciation Day

September 9-14: First Responder Appreciation Week

October 7-13: Tourism/Hospitality Appreciation Week

November 4-11: Military, active and non, Appreciation Week

All 14 of our member wineries will be offering Buy One Get One tastings during each of the designated weeks. Grab a friend, and your work badge (or some form of valid documentation), to start taking advantage of this promotion. Only one of you needs to work in the field to do this!

This takes place during each wineries regularly scheduled tasting room hours, and varies winery to winery. Tasting fees also differ, and range from $3-6 per person, possibly more for groups. If you’re part of a group of 8 or more, some wineries do require reservations, so check their websites and plan accordingly.

You’ll also be given an “appreciation card” to keep with you all week. Each winery will stamp that you’ve been there. Turn this in at the end of the week (or day if you know you’ll only be out once) and the wine trail office will mail you a goodie depending on how many you visit (4, 8, 12, or all 14).

For further information regarding this promotion, check www.CayugaWineTrail.com, our Facebook page, or feel free to drop us an email or give us a call: info@cayugawinetrail.com, 800-684-5217

Katherine Chase