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The Meaning of September

“September tries its best to have us forget summer.” – Bernard Williams

The way I see it, there are 3 phases of ‘what September means’ throughout our lives:

1) As a child, it means summer has come and gone and we’re back to school for what feels like eternity.

2) As a child-free adult we won’t find much difference between August and September; the weather is still nice, school is a thing of the past, and the show must go on with out much change to our routine.

3) If you’re a parent, September means your kids are (finally!) going back to school and life may be just a touch calmer.

But if you live or work in the wine world, September means harvest time! As of right now, harvest is on track to start mid to late September, which means everyone is busy getting ready. The Vineyard teams are keeping up with the monitoring of early ripening, as well as mowing and doing some summer pruning, and the harvesting machines are being tuned-up for the season ahead. The winemaking and production teams are busy bottling and disgorging. Everyone is working to empty their tanks to make room for the 2019 vintages that are to come, and from some reports, the crop size looks as though it’ll need a lot of tank space. Any empty tanks and barrels are getting thorough cleanings, inside and out, to prepare for their new batch of juice soon to come.

Harvest isn’t the only thing that’s special about September, though. Those that also have wedding venues are working in high gear since September weather is perfect; not too hot and not too cold. Not to mention all the lush trees and vines, which are perfect for the wedding photos.

September is also a busy tourist month, so the wineries have plenty of events planned to keep everyone busy. The events range from pumpkin chuckin to wine dinners, and live music to a German themed festival. Take a look at the list below to start your September planning.

1: Music and Mimosas – Hosmer Winery

7: Some Like it Hot – Hosmer Winery

7: Tunes on the Terrace – Thirsty Owl Wine Co.

7 & 8: Fall Fever Days – Goose Watch Winery & Swedish Hill Winery

8: Music and Mimosas – Hosmer Winery

914: First Responder Appreciation Week – all 14 wineries

14: Summer of Food Trucks – Lucas Vineyards

14: CountryFest – Americana Vineyards

14 & 15: Birthday Party Celebration Weekend – Thirsty Owl Wine Co.

15: 22nd Annual German Festival – Lucas Vineyards

15: Music and Mimosas – Hosmer Winery

21: Power of the Sea Wine Dinner – Knapp Winery

22: Paella on the Patio – Toro Run Winery

22: Music and Mimosas – Hosmer Winery

27: Finger Lakes Comedy Festival – Buttonwood Grove Winery

29: Music and Mimosas – Hosmer Winery

• Every Thursday night: Live Music at Six Mile Creek Vineyards

• Every Friday afternoon: Premium Tastings at Buttonwood Grove Winery

• Every Saturday afternoon: Live Music on the Deck at Buttonwood Grove Winery

• Every Sunday afternoon: Live Music at Six Mile Creek Vineyards

• Every Saturday and Sunday: Pumpkin Chuckin at Varick Winery & Vineyards

• Every Friday-Sunday: Live Music at Americana Vineyards

As you can see, the wineries really step up their game during harvest season, not just in the vineyards, but in their tasting room offerings as well. Soon enough, you’ll hear the sounds of the tractors as they bring in freshly picked grapes and smell the fresh grape juice in the air wafting from the press deck.

Katherine Chase