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Ted Limpert for Onondaga District Court Judge

The Best of the Best

It is all too rare that someone comes along that inspires me to do my very best to choose the words to let you know that someone we need very much has entered the arena. Ted Limpert is running for Onondaga County Court Judge.In politics, election season is a brief window in time. It is to us to recognize when our best have come forward, less when this window closes the quality we need during this vital era will have passed us by. Ted Limpert is the best we can be. 

It is not just qualifications that set one above the rest. It is what is going on in the heart of one with these qualifications. That is what gives birth to amazing deeds. Ted Limpert is not only unusually highly qualified, he “genuinely cares.” And those two words turn qualification into a mighty force. Especially courageous and professional qualifications such as Ted’s. As County Court Judge Ted will balance justice with compassion. We will come first and fairness will prevail. These are the reasons why we need Ted Limpert. 

Ted served his Country with awe-inspiring distinction. He was commissioned in the Air National Guard in 1982. In 1984 he became an operational member of the 174th Fighter wing and was the 138th Fighter Squad Commander from May 2002 to September 2007.  Ted is a Pilot. He has over 2200 hours in an F-16 and nearly 750 hours logged in the A-10 Warthog. 

On 9/11, for a surreal and eerie period there was only one Civilian Airliner in the Air of the United States. The only other planes in the Air were fighters preventing any incursion into American Air Space and ensuring the safety of the United States. Ted Limpert was flying one those fighters.  

Ted deployed to Southwest Asia 7 times (Qutar, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qman and Kyrgyzstan).  To keep us free and safe from harm Ted flew 106 combat missions far exceeding the life expectancy of a Fighter Pilot. Ted’s bravery and patriotism is an inspiration to all that get to know his story. A story that is still being written. (The average number of Combat Missions in World War II was 35).

Ted was appointed to the bench as City Court judge in 2009 and in 2010 was elected by the people to a 10-year term. Prior to this he was in private practice for 20 years. Ted is a lifelong Syracuse resident. He is married and has four children. He is also a runner, scuba diver and lacrosse coach. Ted graduated from Syracuse University College of Law earning a Juris Doctor Magna Cum Laude. This is conferred upon those students who complete their course of study with a cumulative grade point average of 3.70 to 3.89. And again, please bear in mind in the voting booth that along with Ted’s fabulous qualifications, is that they are complemented by his being a natural good caring man. 

Ted has lived his life in the service of all us with great distinction. And all of his deeds have been adjusted to his natural compassion that balances fairness, justice and equal treatment to all. I speak of compassion often in these columns. That is for good reason.  Compassion is singularly the human element that separates us from the wild. It is not intellect or ability. It is care and love for others that gives humans humanity, and gives us this remarkable standing among the wonders of God and nature. Compassion is what gives quality to bravery. Those that think compassion and love carry even an inkling of weakness fail to see where strength and good really lie.  

I love this story. It demonstrates how Ted lives his life. When the call came, Dimitri Georgiadis would have exactly four hours to hug his two sons, zip up his bag and motor 253 miles from Syracuse to Philadelphia. If he wasted even 15 minutes, the donated lung would be gone. Organs have strict time restrictions that if exceeded, render the organ not useful for transplant. Word spread quickly through the St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church community. Does anyone know a pilot? Ted Limpert immediately said yes. At the time Ted was a Syracuse City Court judge, handling every kind of charge from midnight mishaps to human trafficking. They had four hours before the lung would be given to someone else to insure viability. Ted leaned on his decades of experience. He named the mission “TOT – time over target” a military phrase emphasizing the importance of timing. Ted developed a quick strategic plan embracing the flight, ground transportation, checking gas, the weather and any step that would save a minute. Then the unimaginable. Too much fog. We had to drive. The destination was Philadelphia. This fighter pilot made it. They pulled into the hospital in Philadelphia at 12:43am. With 15 minutes to spare. The operation was a success. The Fighter Pilot arrived in his office for arraignments by 9am. All in a days work for Ted whose Chamber walls displayed commendations from Operation Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Dimitri’s wife Eleni said “In Greek “Theodore” means “The Gift of God” – We call Ted our Angel.”

Readers, I am very careful when I run a column on behalf of someone running for office. I have been doing this column for 40 years because you have shown me that you have regard for my voice. I pursue truth and good as best as can be seen with what I am made of. When you see a candidate in this column it is because my lifetime of experience has shown me they will make your life better. Far too seldom do compassionate good people with such qualifications come before us. Please Vote for Ted Limpert for County Court Judge.  

Election Day is Nov 8th. 


Bill McClellan