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Telly’s Inn

The sun has been shining and the grass has turned from snow covered to green so I think it is safe to say that spring has finally sprung in Central New York! Now is the perfect time to get out after a long winter and there is no better way to get out then to take a country drive! While on this drive I’d implore you to try something new, something like Telly’s Inn & Restaurant in Cape Vincent! Telly’s, located in beautiful Cape Vincent at 427 South Market Street. Right now they are open Wednesday through Saturday from 11am to 9pm and on Sunday from 11am to 6pm, but be sure to check in with them on facebook or their website at www.tellysinncapevincent.com/ because as the season picks up so will their hours!

At Telly’s you can expect nothing less than being treated like family. Whether it be the greeting at the door with a hello and a smile as you walk in, a cozy seat next to the fireplace, the soft piano music, or the friendly conversation with all of the staff, you will feel at home at Telly’s.

At Telly’s they describe themselves as a place “where we learn your name, treat you like family, and aspire to make you want to come back!” I would add that at Telly’s you are only a stranger for a few minutes, after that you are family. This warm and inviting atmosphere has been lovingly cultivated by the owners, Fran and Jenny. While speaking with them something that really stuck out to me was when Fran told me that he wouldn’t have wanted to take on this adventure with anyone other than Jenny. This attitude combined with their teamwork has really created something special in their little slice of paradise that is Telly’s.

There are three things that really set Telly’s apart from other restaurants: their incredible staff, their awesome atmosphere, and their amazing cuisine. At Telly’s it is easy for the staff to treat you like family because they treat each other like a family. Jenny touts the restaurant’s success, even during a pandemic, to their amazing staff. Fran and Jenny wanted me to be sure to thank the staff individually so here goes: Executive Chef, Josh Johnston, Deltra on the piano, Debbie, Celeste, Nichole, Katelyn, Jessica, Debby, Sandy, Austin, Michael, Jaden, Ted, Danielle, Maya, and of course Courtney. (the unofficial mascot of Telly’s, a regal bulldog) Thank you; you have been amazing! I promise, these folks will absolutely take care of you!

Next up is the atmosphere. As you may know, Cape Vincent is an adorable town snuggled in to the place where Lake Ontario meets the Saint Lawrence. It is the perfect destination for a quick trip for dinner, short day trip, or even a weekend (or longer) away! In less than an hour and a half you can be in a place that couldn’t feel farther away from the hustle and bustle of the city. While you are there you will undoubtedly need to stop at Telly’s for a great cocktail, lunch, or even dinner. Telly’s feels like vacation even if you are only there for a meal. Before opening, Telly’s was completely remodeled, redone, and redecorated. When you arrive you will notice the amazing patio with comfy seating and fire pits, perfect for sipping a craft cocktail and watching the sun fade away. (Sneak peek: this patio is about to get even better with awesome improvements in the works to make it feel like an absolute oasis!) When you walk into Telly’s you will be greeted not only by the smiling face at the hostess station but also by the entire atmosphere. It just feels welcoming and nice. This feeling is hard to put in words but I’m going to try: when we arrived at the restaurant there was a table with a mom and dad and their four young kids, they were noisy and clearly having a good time, there was another table of a couple of guys that were there for the cocktails and pizza, there was a single gentleman sitting at a high top enjoying the piano music, a glass of wine and some snacks, and there was a table behind us celebrating an anniversary; everyone just seemed to fit together and everyone was having a great time. At Telly’s you are never rushed, you are encouraged to enjoy yourself, soak in the atmosphere, and have a great time!

Finally, we have to talk about the amazing food. Fran and Jenny will be the first to admit that they aren’t chefs, but they know what good food is and that is what they strive to serve every customer. They understand that good food makes people happy and happy people come back for more, and even bring their friends! They have worked with the best venders and talented chefs to curate a menu of fresh and delicious favorites with an Italian flare. I would say that their Utica dishes could run with any of the competition in Utica! A lot of their success comes from pairing with amazing vendors (and good friends that also happen to be venders) so you will find Coke products (thanks to Ronnie), Full throttle (thanks to Eric Soluri) and Thousand Islands wines (thanks to Steven and Erika).

When Kyle, Magnolia and I arrived at Telly’s on a sunny spring Saturday evening, we were immediately pleased with the friendly greeting we received. We were seated at a cozy table, socially distanced from others, and we really enjoyed the piano music. We looked at the menu and knew we had some hard choices to make because everything looked spectacular. For our appetizers we decided on the crispy Fried Calamari and the beautiful charcuterie board. The calamari was golden and lightly fried and delightful. The charcuterie board was a sight to behold, with generous portions of cheese (gouda, provolone, and cheddar) a selection of meats (prosciutto, pepperoni, and hard salami), and sauces (mustard, house hot temper sauce, and peach chutney) and decorated with strawberries, crasins, and grapes. Next we were presented with what was possibly the most delicious house salad we had ever had. It was clear that it was fresh and crisp! For an entrée Kyle could not help but to order the 20 oz. Angus Choice Cowboy Ribeye, topped with burgundy butter sauce cooked exactly the way he likes it and served with a generous helping of roasted garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. I just had to order the Utica Trio: a fantastic combo platter with Chicken Riggies, Utica Greens and Longhots. This dish had the perfect degree of spiciness and I would sincerely recommend it to everyone! We were stuffed but we just couldn’t pass on dessert. I ordered the Lemon Mascarpone Cake and it was an absolute delight and Kyle just had to have a cannoli. This meal was a 15 out of 10! Before we were even through with our appetizers, I was texting my friends and family telling them that they just had to get to Telly’s!

Telly’s is a place where all are welcome and everyone is treated like family. When you walk in the door you immediately feel like you belong there and just know that you will be coming back. Treat yourself to an amazing meal at a Telly’s. Be on the lookout for information on their grand opening and for upcoming events and new surprises! Check them out on facebook, on their website, or call for reservations at 315-501-5001. Whatever you do, get yourself to Telly’s soon!

Kristin Merritt
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