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The Inn Between

Some events are just unforgettable, these events might include your wedding day, the birth of your first child, and quite possibly, the first time you indulged in a meal at The Inn Between Restaurant! The Inn Between Restaurant is located just a short drive from Syracuse at 2290 West Genesee Turnpike in Camillus. They are open Tuesday through Saturday with dining service beginning at 5 pm and on Sunday from 2 pm to 8 pm. You will want to make reservations so be sure to call ahead at 315-672-3166.

If you want to impress your date this Valentine’s Day, skip the chocolate and flowers and take your sweetheart to an unforgettable meal that is equal parts delicious and romantic at The Inn Between. There will be a special Valentine’s Day menu featuring some of their favorite dishes. You won’t want to miss this evening so please make your reservations as soon as you can as reservations are required! Give them a call to reserve your table at 315-672-3166.

Kyle and I went to The Inn Between on a chilly Saturday night in January. Upon entering the warm and cozy restaurant we were immediately greeted by the friendly hostess and brought to our romantic table near the window. Shortly thereafter we met our friendly and knowledgeable server, John. Even though the restaurant was very busy John made us feel like we were his only table; his service was absolutely exemplary! One of the nice and unique things about The Inn Between is that dinner begins with an assortment of fresh garden vegetables accompanied by a zesty herb dipping sauce. The vegetables were colorful and crisp. After hearing the scrumptious specials, we decided to start our meal with an order of the appetizer special for the evening, the Calamari Frite served with a side of house-made marinara. This calamari was unlike any we had had before in an amazing way. The dish was of calamari strips, as big a French fries, lightly breaded and fried to perfection. I have enjoyed a lot of calamari and this dish was my all-time favorite! We were then served our beautiful salads with homemade rolls and their famous date nut bread. Kyle decided on the specialty salad which was a beautiful salad topped with toasted almonds raspberry vinaigrette with Gorgonzola cheese and a garlic tulie. I decided on the Caesar salad topped with anchovies (and I love anchovies!) John told us that we should not be afraid to try something we had not had before because every dish on the menu was remarkable. That being said I took his advice and tried a dish I had never even heard of before, the Seafood Chambertin. This unique and beautiful dish is loaded with shrimp, lobster and scallops that have been sautéed in a garlic, wine, and herb-seasoned butter sauce and served with mushrooms and green onions all served in a crispy phyllo shell. This dish was both light and yet filling, interesting and very satisfying. Kyle could not pass up the opportunity to order the Maine Lobster Plate, with a large broiled lobster tail served with overstuffed clams casino and crab stuffed shrimp. I stole a few bites from his plate and let me tell you about how amazing the crab stuffed shrimp is, easily one of the best shrimps I have ever had! We absolutely could not pass up a dish from the beautiful dessert tray. We had a hard time making our selections because everything was absolutely mouth-watering! Kyle was absolutely blown away by the crème Brule and I would highly recommend the strawberry almond puff pastry filled with Bavarian cream!

One reason why every dish at The Inn Between is so fantastic has to do with the very skilled chef making sure every dish that leaves the kitchen is nothing short of perfection. Chef Chris Cesta is a Certified Executive Chef certified by the American Culinary Federation, who has won many awards over his acclaimed career. Chef Cesta is the backbone of The Inn Between and his love and passion for culinary arts can be tasted in every single bite!

The Inn Between Restaurant is a fantastic place for a romantic date night, a delicious meal with the whole family, and even a great place to impress your guests for your upcoming event. The Inn Between Restaurant is the perfect venue for your upcoming bridal or baby shower, and it’s perfect to celebrate a birth or anniversary. They are also happy to host your intimate wedding reception as they can host parties of up to 75. Treat your guests to an unforgettable dining experience with an event at The Inn Between Restaurant!

At The Inn Between they have a saying that “You haven’t dined at your favorite restaurant until you’ve dined at The Inn Between” and I submit to you that this saying is absolutely true! Visit their website at www.inn-between.com or check them out on Facebook to stay up to date with their amazing specials. Whether The Inn Between is already your favorite restaurant or it is your soon to be favorite restaurant after your first visit you need to treat yourself to a fantastic meal there as soon as possible! Stop in today and treat yourself to an amazing meal and an all-around fantastic dining experience.

Kerilyn Micale
Kerilyn E. Micale is a Cicero native.