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“The Plan” Part III

D-Day in the Village–De Oppresso Liber Around Her Neck She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Preface:  This effort is right, it is American, it is workable, it will remove demons from the streets of this area, it will provide a blueprint for expansion, it will improve the economic viability of the area, it will make the area safe, it will show residents and users care and hope, it will beautify, it will improve infrastructure, it will create safety, it will cause land and home owners to want to improve their holdings and as it restores the American intent to 15 square blocks, it will honor the blood of our heroes. 

This is a crucial matter. Please, bring yourself up to date. Go to “word on the street tablehopping.com.” All three parts of “THE PLAN” are re-printed. July 2022 Part I, August 2022 Part II and this column September 2022 Part III. I can be reached at w173@aol.com.  This is the third installment on a three-part series that offers a workable way to “fix this city.” There must be a birthplace that sets the example. “THE PLAN” shows you how, using Special Forces mindset and technique, adapted to elite civilians, to begin a process to rescue an entire City. The area of current concern is referred to as the Village. A Village where extreme evil and cruelty thrives just below the veneer of the broken sidewalks and streets has been selected. Success in this village will show you that we have no lack of ability in this City. All you need is to be inspired. It is the hearts and minds of the Police and all that lead. We need to place the love of our fellow man, the love of right, and our love for this Shining City in the forefront of our thinking. We need to whistle or hum the Star-Spangled Banner and Battle Hymn of the Republic. Within the ensuing chills is the heart of good and decency, and equality and compassion, and justice and fairness. Within the ensuing chills is the heart of the finest that humans can be. Within the ensuing chills lies the heart of real Americans. Within the ensuing chills lie the reasoning that makes you know I am right. Let’s do this.

Strategies are laid out in “THE PLAN” Part II, (word on the street tablehopping.com), July 2022 issue. The Plan is crucial. It details clandestine strategies that will cause D-Day to succeed. This column – “D-Day in the Village” is implementation and final procedures.

Re-Cap: In early November of 2020, a young 90-pound heroin addict conned a few drug dealers out of around $20.00 worth of dope. They found her and beat her. They blackened her eyes and bruised her face and body. They found her a few days later. She had no money. They beat her senseless, dragging her in the street by the hair, scraping and bruising her body. They did some more work beating her face. While searching for her I found a young girl, 16 at best, scary strung out in the yard of a drug den. Another, owned and used, body and soul by the filth of the streets. You could find them on Butternut and Highland and scattered throughout the village. In August of 2021 another very good friend overdosed on drugs purchased in this Village. Her last words to me before she died were “Bill, don’t ever leave, you are all I have.” She was close to a rehab.  The line was crossed. These young women and their families are my friends, daughters of women I worked with many years ago. I need for something to happen to this vile inhumanity. And the City needs to decide that this ugly, vile, evil, thriving in every neighborhood, under a veneer of looking the other way, is unacceptable. These are not isolated stories, “by any means.” The first area to rid of this evil is fittingly where my friends were beaten and killed. 


The “PLAN” laid out in this series is implemented. “Shock and Awe.” The finest Cops in America move in. With stunning efficiency, every drug dealer living in the Village or that lives elsewhere and has been selling within the Village borders is arrested. By nightfall drug dealers are in shock and behind bars. The evil that flourished with ease, daily desecrating the minds of Village citizens is excised with precision and expertise. Shock and Awe. The brazen cruel are quickly removed.

An invigorated City, tired of human pain, and social and economic decline and the cruel complacency that has smothered American cities moves in. Fully engaged and with the spirit of Americans. Fully aware that every soldier that stormed the Beaches at Normandy is watching. With pride and expertise, the elite within each City department moves in and the Village begins to change.

In the early AM the Syracuse Police make their move. They know who is home and where to go first. They move with swift elite efficiency, setting the stage as only the finest can. Dealers and the entire criminal element are quickly removed. From that moment forward any dealing will be met with “in process” arrest. It is over.  

As soon as this is achieved. Each Department engages and enters the village implementing strategically designed elite and professional plans as indicated in ‘THE PLAN.” On the first day enormous transformation is underway. The flurry of activity will be quickly noticed and curiosity followed by hope will flow through the Village.  They must be taken by surprise with immediate massive and ongoing achievement.  Then they will realize that something is really happening. “Spirit will Ensue” and then cooperation will flourish. An easy 90% of these areas are good poor people. Victims.  Show them this kind of hope coming to fruition and they will come. All activity must be accomplished swiftly and with keen thorough efficiency. Times will vary between departments. Some will finish the first day others will need longer. The DPW for example, whatever time it takes. Yet with elite mindset, all to be geared with stunning efficiency in the shortest period of time, the finest we have can achieve the finest that can be done. Bureaucratic roadblocks will be out of your way in your planning.  Remember LOGISTICAL preparation is in itself extremely vital to success along with elite strategy. The same applies to this entire effort.  

Flyers should be distributed to each resident, property owner and business, explaining that the brazen drug problem has been removed from their community. No longer will the drug windows be open, nor will lurking vehicles serve as delivery systems for drugs, nor will the street trade exist. Violators will be arrested immediately and prosecuted. Clearly indicate that all forms of drug activity are over. There will be no leniency for drug dealers. Also explain that a special project is underway in their neighborhood and it is now safe and improvements are underway to insure a wholesome safe life for their children. Ask them to participate and improve each property. Let them know that hope has arrived and a better day has begun. With drug dealers instantly gone, and clear beautification and infrastructure improvements clearly underway, residents will see that hope is becoming reality and that the years of their lives do not have to be passed surrounded by evil and the resulting swill.

This Village within the city of Syracuse, New York bounded by Lodi, Butternut, Huntley Highland and James is liberated.

I hope I can show you how to think like a Green Beret. Sure, there is exemplary training. But what makes the finest, not just of a Green Beret, but “all” of good will, is “heart and decency” born of the love for others and the values that keep us safe. It is mighty revulsion toward those that harm others. And a strong belief in De Oppresso Liber. (To Liberate the Oppressed) It is an esprit-decor born of such values with spine tingling belief in the intent of this land. It is strong desire to walk tall protecting what is good. And in so doing, failure or poor results are not acceptable. It is these values that flow through the heart of a Green Beret when they hear the spine-tingling music of this great land, or when they read the poem “In Flanders Fields” or hear of, or do, the deeds that honor those that died for America. It is giving value to the countless kids, many still teens, bleeding out on foreign battlefields with their insides in their hands. It is being what they died for. “If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep.”

So, when I write about a workable plan to fix 15 square blocks and prepare a blueprint to rid this City of neglect and evil heartless predators, any hesitancy on the part of anyone is born of the absence of living with the spirit it takes to fight for what is right. I am asking the Mayor and the Council, the Police and the Sheriffs and every City Department Employee to whistle or hum the Battle Hymn. Feel the strength and the courage and beauty in your heart that we too seldom bring to the fight.

If you move forward with “heart” and esprit décor, born from awakening what you know has been absent and make the decision to free this city of evil and scourge and abuse, you will be engaging what it is to be, not just a Green Beret, but to be an American that makes proud the unequaled intent of this land.

So, I say to you, seek out our heroes and our music. Allow the spirit of this land and the chills of greatness to flow. Give yourself a crisp salute and implement this plan.

It was June 5th 1944. Five Star General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force was addressing troops. The following day they would storm the Beaches of Normandy and literally begin the process to save the world. Eisenhower was among the 101st Airborne when he asked a group of soldiers how they were doing. One of the soldiers shouted out: “No problem General, we will take care of this little matter for you.” Those words spoken in the calm that often precedes the great storm of battle, represented the heart of the finest and bravest Army ever to assemble. It was time to free the oppressed. A pursuit to rid the world of pure evil.

Omaha, Sword, Juno, Gold and Utah. The landing beaches at Normandy. The reports came in. After intense battle on these beaches the Canadians broke through at Gold, The British at Juno, the Americans at Utah. The Americans were pinned down on Omaha, men dying like flies, body parts flying everywhere, but they were Americans. The bravest men on earth got up and stormed and killed and died, and then again, the bravest men on earth got up and stormed and killed and died, until they made it to the Germans and then they killed. Alone at home she pushed her baby carriage…These men are watching you read this final part of the plan. They are wondering what you are going to do to 15 square blocks of sidewalk where their granddaughter’s bodies are often flesh for evil men. On the land they hallowed with their blood, and their futures and their sacred bodies and the finest bravery of eons.

D-Day is and should be June 6th. The white crosses will stir. They will be watching.

Bill McClellan