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TO:  MAYOR WALSH & ALL CITY LEADERS                                                                                                                                     

Dear Mayor Walsh, The District Attorney, Chief of Police and Onondaga County Sheriff and all City Councilors and Department Directors, Administrators and Leaders:

You have never been presented with anything like this and you will likely not meet another like me.  Enormous windows of opportunity open for very brief periods in this life.  The wise take heed, less they waste. — They dragged her down the street by her hair, scraping much of her body raw, kicking her and beating her and blackening her face with swelling blows.  Another precious young girl, a very dear friend, overdosed a few months ago.  29 years old, beautiful and sweet and very very dead.  I still mourn.  The epitome is this is just a sample of the “Village” I have described in my plan.  I was very close to them.  I knew their Mother’s many years ago.  Good people with bad breaks.  These two girls lit the flame in me.  If you listen, this can end.  I have one motive.  To end the practice of dispassion in our town.  In this matter I refer to my experience in the 173d Airborne Brigade and the 7th Special Forces Group (Green Berets).  I do this to show you that I am no ordinary man in terms of perception and ability.  I want drugs removed and a humane compassionate path restored to this City.  I can do this.  In Dec 2020, and Jan and Feb 2021 (Google:  word on the street tablehopping.com) I outlined a plan to show how this can be successfully achieved.  Follow up articles cement idea and try to show you the way.

Phase one of the plan, Dec 2020 was emotionally written in the three days following my first visit to the Hospital witnessing her swollen blackened face and scraped body.  I was a bit intense, but please realize I was holding back battlefield emotion.  In this entire matter I have been restraining that emotion.  As the answer is not to let that lose.  In real life that breeds too much harm to where severe guilt is often uncertain.  This is what the system is for.  The answer is the Plan.  The unique workability of the plan and the initial phases were still clearly presented.  Part II Jan 2021 and part III Feb 2021 put in place a unique set of pursuits that cement the workability of idea that can fix this city.  Please grasp the village concept.  The plan can easily be googled at “word on the street tablehopping.com.  

I have been extremely concerned about systemic gridlock and its’ impeding  mechanisms that obstruct not just progress, but over time blind us to compassion and injustice. 

There is preventable, disgraceful, human social conditions and human suffering in our neighborhoods existing today that have become acceptable that 50 years ago would not be tolerated.  Even when shown a path the status quo remains the same.  Nothing changes including the ravages of decline.  

Systemic gridlock has no exit.  Until you listen.  Mindsets are Locked.  

Something else equally as sad has taken place.  Men and women that would be heroes (our leaders) have faltered and left that sacred course hallowed by the lives of heroes.  The end result is that the common good and value of the poor which is most of Syracuse is sublimated.  Your esprit-de-corp is dormant and failing to guide your heart – and foster a plan and unity of thought and purpose.  All boats can rise in this town if you pay attention to me.  The plan is laid out.  In the past year 9 articles have been written to support this effort.   Hum, yes hum the Battle Hymn of the Republic.  Think of the words.  You are public servants, work of the very highest order.  “His truth is Marching on is you”.  Let your American heart lose.  Become that soldier willing to do what it takes, to the death to save the American way.  Rate personal interest in comparison to that kid bleeding out on a battlefield.  Or a vital young heart slowing to a stop on Highland St.  His truth is Marching on.

If I am allowed to do this another “D” day will be established.  Earlier in the year I sent copies of Table Hoppling containing Phase II of the plan to 52 City Leaders.  Access to the entire plan was also presented.  I also informed the County. — I will visit every Executive on that list.  We will discuss the duties of their department and each will develop an “operating procedure” for phase one in the initial village bordered by James, Highland, Lodi, Butternut and Hartley.  This is the test village.  If you follow my columns, you will be shocked at the evil that can take place in such a small area.

Each Department has a critical area of expertise.  Many are multi-faceted.  Imagine if each designed a plan containing their contribution to the first village.  On “D Day” everyone moves at once.  Shock and Awe.  The diverse value of this is in the plan.  Citizen esprit-de-corp will take place.  Follow up and maintenance are in the plan.  Massive spin-off and future benefit to the City is in the plan. (and how and why) Financing is in the plan.  Police Activity is in the plan.  It is all there.  The first village will serve as a template for all the others to follow.  The DPW, Logistics, Financing, Legal, Housing, Social Agencies, Police Activity, plans from every department and agency as they all are part of the city and the village is microcosm of the city.  They exist for this.  It is quality utility that is missing.

The vast majority of our city is ignored and suffers in silence.  Not simple suffering, but brutality, abuse of our young in the most disturbing ways imaginable, and worst of all with hopelessness.  Because they know as I know, that even after all I have done in this column in the past year you still will do nothing meaningful.  No one hears them.  I am presenting something you will never see again.  We can do this.  Together, where others have all failed, we will succeed.

I get the questions about me.  I am going to end this column with the answer.  Please realize I am 75 years old and have 0 interest in accolade.  You do need to know the nature of a man making such a request.  I have many excellent references I will furnish if any interest is shown.  To generate that interest, you need to know what separates me from the rest.

Google Captain Roger Donlon, Sgt. Vernon Beeson, and Sgt Barry Sadler.  They were my personal friends in the Green Berets.  Non-combat for me.  Let me tell you, the three of them fought.  Many stories to tell about each.  We were in the same outfit at Fort Bragg.  Beeson and I did a lot of drinking together.  I had their respect.  They knew I had their heart.  I present this because you need to know that too.  I will fight for this City with same heart that the Captain fought for his country and his men at Nam Dong.  




Bill McClellan