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The Outfit of a Novel

An outfit can be eye catching and thought provoking, especially when it’s so completely out of the ordinary that it seems to possess its own plot.

I had an encounter recently that provoked a reaction from me..fascination. In a bookstore, there he was. This man who was dressed like he had just stepped off the pages of one of the books on the shelves. His attire was beyond interesting and wholeheartedly captivating. Just breaching the top of the fully stocked book shelves was a short bridged, brown bowler hat with a long, white feather tucked into the brim and a bottle cap pinned to the adjacent side. When the hat exposed an equally interesting character, I couldn’t stop myself from writing down what I saw.

An antiquated yet distinguished man wearing an outfit comprised of numerous, unique pieces, colors, textures and patterns. Starting at the top was a mix of white and grey. His unruly hair reached his shoulders and was paired with an accompanying handlebar mustache. Large circular glasses helped him read the pile of newspapers stacked in front of him; a red scarf was wrapped around the collar of a black and white striped sweater where several necklaces of various shapes and sizes were hanging from his neck. He had donned well worn blue jeans that were cuffed at the ankle revealing none other than purple striped socks in well worn work boots. This man had an accent I’ve never heard and a way about him that made me wonder where he had been. Had he traveled and just acquired all the special pieces to his wardrobe or was he influenced by someone else? This man, this time capsule come to life, had history and adventure etched into his very being.

A novel would describe a man such as this one as “in his element” or “distinguished”, unafraid to express himself through any means necessary. In this sense, fashion is bravery and also a story; a story of someone’s life, if even just a glimpse.

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