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Juanita Perez Williams for Mayor

Someone special has entered the arena. After the election, rather than a footnote in a campaign you will find that you are the focus of the heart of a great leader. What you read here will become deed. I had the opportunity to meet Juanita Perez Williams in a previous campaign and was quickly drawn to her sense of fairness and her strong dedication to that fairness. In keeping with this, Juanita

If you are looking for a Mayor that cares about you. Juanita Perez Williams is that Mayor.

demonstrates in all of her thinking the one quality that has always impressed me and is too often lacking in leadership. And that is an understanding of and respect for the interests of everyone, without bias, no matter what your income, your look or your address.

I want to note up front for all Veterans, and of course in so doing for all of us, that Juanita Perez Williams served in the United States Navy as a Lieutenant Commander. She has felt the chills of greatness serving along with her fellow soldiers. Her salute is crisp and full of heart when she hears the music of our great land. She understands the hallowed duty of those that wear the uniform. Juanita fully understands why we are a great nation. Juanita is a Mexican American Woman, and will be the first to serve as a Mayor in New York State. Juanita is one of the genuinely talented few. With Juanita as Mayor our town will become a beacon for others to follow.

If you are a Union Member, you are always seeking fairness and the American Dream. Please be assured, Juanita is endorsed by the Public Employees Federation (PEF), the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers Local 195, the Latino Professional Network (LPN) and Votes Vets PAC. In 2016 Juanita received the prestigious “Friends of Labor Award” from the Greater Syracuse Labor Council. Your work is part of Juanita’s family history. Juanita’s Mom and Dad worked hard in the Farmworkers Movement that gave birth to the United Farmworkers Union which became part of the AFL-CIO. As you know, Unions work to protect fairness from greed and that is what Juanita is all about.

Juanita was also endorsed by the Mayors of Utica, Cortland and Tully. That those of such stature favor Juanita as Mayor of Syracuse shows high and deserved praise. We have an amazing individual running for Mayor. Regular readers are aware that I am a believer in “the best that human can be in politics.” Nothing short of this will respect the well off and protect the less well off at the same time. Juanita will surround herself and the city with this kind of thinking and every individual will move forward, as it should be, proud Americans working for this great land. Pride and patriotism will once again prevail in the hallowed halls of City Hall and every decision will be made with the fairness that will make our founders proud.

Juanita Perez Williams served in the United States Navy as a Lieutenant Commander. She understands the hallowed duty of those that wear the uniform and fully understands why we are a great nation.

I urge you to visit www.JuanitaforMayor.com. Juanita has already laid out a 100 day plan. I was quickly drawn to the uniquely well targeted, embracing and fair approach toward our city’s needs. In clear and concise language Juanita explains our cities needs and prioritizes in a way that you can visualize these things happening. As you peruse this plan you will be taken by the wisdom and the compassion and you will note as I have that Juanita is an all too rare leader; a leader that we must have the wisdom to embrace while she is in our presence. In all that she does there is a passion and sincerity that sets the standard. One can sense in her ideas that compassion, justice and your well-being are behind every thought.

Many are concerned about Consolidation. The following is the kind of thinking that will restore our city to the quality of living that has been too long neglected for those and by those that live here. We will not forgo decisions to others that should be ours. This is a Mayor that will expose any and all weaknesses in all plans that involve our city. She will show the inadequacies and they will not happen.

Juanita will fully engage with the Onondaga County and Syracuse Industrial Development Agencies regarding any potential consolidation. Juanita said: “I plan to be a Mayor who prior to finding solutions will first assess the factors behind a problem. While consolidation may be an option when considering costs, a thorough review of any activity to be merged, must be conducted to ensure such a move has a beneficial response. If we jump too quickly it could have a negative impact on overall services causing more problems. A great example is zoning. -As a county-city effort it hasn’t worked. Just ask any business owner who has tried to pull a building permit, or simply count the number of Family Dollar Stores lined up in our neighborhoods. While the towns and villages of Onondaga County each utilize personal zoning control for the betterment of their streets and industries, the city of Syracuse has to adhere to the county. The result is county staff who don’t live in our city with significant authority to arbitrarily agitate business, weaken our neighborhoods and forgo opportunity for good local jobs. Consolidation should be the last option if we want the best for Syracuse.

Police, Fire and City Departments can look forward to a new era of fairness and concern for their needs. This will be foremost as Juanita believes in moving forward as a high spirited team that cares about each other as well as their charge. Esprit Décor will be earned and soon all will move forward with restored pride and dedication. City workers will walk tall and proud understanding their contribution to our great city.

Citizens will soon take note as Juanita restores values in keeping with the ongoing pursuit of American greatness.

What has been on your mind? Crime … just look at Juanita’s Website and hope will flourish. (Halting the heroin scourge and recovery will be foremost.) Streets, Sidewalks and Water pipes (There will be no Flint in Syracuse) and other infrastructure … All in the plan. Juanita will implement Quality of Life Blight Busting which will clean and beautify block by block and park by park in our communities. Juanita will conduct a block by block analysis (all 1,884 city blocks). This process will address urgent issues in real time and develop block by block plans to address the needs of every block. Juanita will seek ample neighborhood friendly, (no price gouging) well managed, and necessary businesses such as quality grocery and convenience stores, hardware stores, beauty shops, quality drug stores and so on, in the communities. She will determine Community appropriate transportation needs and work with Centro to insure work compatible scheduling is in place. Juanita will seriously globally market our city by clearly showing our attractive assets. She will highlight our unique New York State and East coast rail, road and air, crossroads location. She will highlight our work force diversity (skilled craftsman, precision manufacturing and advanced instrumentation and more). Juanita sees we have what business wants and needs. We must have the ability to show them. If your hopes are not here, they are in the plan. This is “amazing missing thinking” that requires a Mayor that cares about you. Juanita is that Mayor. Her 100 day plan will inspire you.

Juanita is Mexican-American. Her grandparents migrated from Guanajuato, Mexico. Her parents played an important role in her life, always struggling to make ends meet however devoted to activism in the Farmworkers Movement. As a child, Juanita participated in one of the first Early Head-Start programs, she was a recipient of free student lunches, attended college through

Juanita Perez Williams is a Mexican American Woman, and will be the first to serve as a Mayor in New York State. Juanita is one of the genuinely talented few.

the Equal Opportunity Program and in 1986 received her undergraduate degree from the University of California, San Diego.

Juanita is the mother of 4 grown children and a grandmother. She sits on several Central New York Boards including Onondaga County Catholic Charities, La Liga (Spanish Action League), Clear Path for Veterans, CNY Workforce Investment Board, Bishop Ludden High School Trustee, she is co-founder of UMEA, the new minority chamber of commerce, and is a proud member of the Valley American Legion.

Juanita has served our community and our country all of her professional career. Juanita is a United States Navy Veteran. She served in the Navy Judge Advocates Program as a Lieutenant Commander. Here she handled high profile criminal cases. Juanita was selected by then Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to be a member of the New York State Military Selection Review Board In 2008. Upon completion of her military service, Juanita worked for 7 years at the New York State Education Department as the Regional Director for “The Office of Professions”. It was here she joined the PEF Union. Juanita and her staff of Law Enforcement Professionals were responsible for investigating and prosecuting New York State Licensed Professionals. Juanita then accepted a legal positon with Syracuse University. Juanita served as an adjunct professor teaching legal issues in higher education. With her expertise she was soon promoted to Associate Dean of Students.  Following her time at Syracuse University she was appointed to serve NYS as an Assistant Attorney General by then Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. In 2010, Juanita was appointed by the Mayor of Syracuse to serve as Corporation Counsel and lead the city’s legal office. Prior to announcing her candidacy, Juanita served as the Regional Director for the New York State Department of Labor.

Juanita has worked close with the Governor, his staff and many in the New York State Senate and New York State Assembly.   Her natural way earned real friendships and mutual respect which are the heart of mutual cooperation. Juanita enjoys a great and friendly relationship with the Governor. She has his respect and friendship. Juanita has the ability to design law and programs that legislators want to support. Juanita knows what we need and has the unique and full array of qualities needed to cause them to become reality. Juanita will bring great things to our city and justice to our neighborhoods.

The window is open. Too seldom does one with such heart, compassion and talent enter the arena. In our home town greatness is in our midst. It is to us to recognize. It is to us to choose the very best among us, as our history is crimson and our debt to that sacrifice demands the best of what we are. Please vote for Juanita Perez Williams for Mayor of our Great City.

Bill McClellan